ambition project

Ambition Project, work with Folkestone & Hythe Council to empower young people

The Ambition Project is designed to help young people develop a set of life skills to help them engage and showcase their best possible selves. It sets out to assist young people to lead more fulfilled lives and progress in education and their own personal development pathway. It will also assist to enhance the relationship with themselves and others.

Learning modules will include:

Developing confidence and self esteem

Don’t beat yourself up! Learning about self-handicapping behaviour

Consequential thinking – Your choice, Your future

Controlling your impulses – choice points, long term benefit v short term gains

Make it happen – raising your standards, dealing with failure, change requires action.

DartfordSquare copy

Outreach sessions with in partnership with Dartford Council – empowering the young people of the community

The Unity Hub serves as a safe haven for young people and is conveniently located within Dartford’s central park. Operating every Tuesday, it opens at 3pm.

The primary focus lies on engaging in sports and diverse activities, aiming to cultivate a strong sense of community among the youth. In collaboration with Dartford Council.

Its central focus centres on involving young people all aimed at fostering a robust sense of community among the youth. We encourage sports, we found a game of football is always appreciated, but we cater for all, and tend to let the young people decide on the activity of the week.

In close partnership with Dartford Council.

Our primary objective is to establish a secure and welcoming space within the community, providing an opportunity for the community to unite and gain a deeper understanding of the youth and their requirements. Often, young people find themselves without guidance or suitable destinations, and Youth Unity is dedicated to offering prospects and directing them to other engaging activities.

Our goal is to provide valuable direction and advice by pointing towards various activities within the local vicinity. Additionally, we extend assistance and guidance on topics that hold significance for both young individuals and parents.

If you have an access enquiry in advance, please contact Youth Unity  on the details below. 


Site Layout and Ground:
The Youth Outreach Activities is a free activity for 11-17 year olds which will be running until March 2023. Every Tuesday 15.30 – 1745 hours (term times) and 1330-1530 non term times.

The Acaica Hall Sports Hall comprises some 26 acres ranging from formal gardens near to the town centre, through ornamental areas to open space and the bandstand.

Pedestrian entrances to the Acacia Spoert Centre can be located in Market Street, and Central Park. (please see marked routes in map)

Please also consider ground conditions and the unpredictable British weather when deciding when accessing via Central Park.

Accessible Car Park:

For parents and carers dropping young people to the venue an accessible car parking is located in Acacia Hall Car Park DA1 1DJ. The parking is on tarmac and the route from the accessible car park to the entrances is via wide tarmac paths.

The accessible car park and drop off area is located within 100 meters of the Acaica Sports Hall front door entrance. 

By Train:
Train details can be found on the Trainline website .

Facilities at Dartford Train Station include:

  • A ramp for train access
  • Step-free access coverage
  • Lifts to all platforms. Ticket office and car park are step free
  • Wheelchairs available
  • Accessible toilet
  • There is a taxi rank outside the station and accessible taxis are available

The distance from Dartford Train Station to Acacia Hall is estimated at 800 meters.

By Bus:

Young people from Dartford Travelling via bus please see the attached links :

Transport for London  


Arrival Guide:
Central Park opens daily and closing varies depending on the time of year. 

Closing times of Central Park


Guiding Futures, Igniting Potential: Mentoring the Next Generation, working in partnership with Tendring Council

Working in partnership with the Community Safety Team  at Tendring District Council

Our Serious Youth Violence Mentor is a dedicated professional who will be providing guidance, support, and intervention to young individuals who are at risk of or involved in serious youth violence. They will work closely with young people to address the underlying factors that contribute to their involvement in violent behaviours and help them develop positive alternatives and pathways for their future.

Just some of the key pathways to ensure we are supporting vulnerable young people 

Mentoring and Building Relationships: Establish a trusting and supportive relationship with young individuals at risk of serious youth violence. Act as a role model, providing guidance, empathy, and a non-judgmental approach.

Risk Assessment and Intervention: Conduct thorough assessments to identify the specific risk factors and underlying issues contributing to a young person’s involvement in serious youth violence. Develop individualised intervention plans to address these factors effectively.

Emotional and Behavioral Support: Provide emotional support and help young individuals develop strategies to manage anger, frustration, and other emotions in a constructive manner. Assist in building resilience and coping mechanisms to navigate challenging situations.

Just one of the Father & Son mentoring sessions we ran, hosted by iCarp. What an amazing day!! They kindly gave us permission to use this video.

We are working with iCarp to deliver these amazing fishing interventions. Please check out their website for more information.

A man in a futuristic hooded jacket stands on top of a skyscrape

Future Ready Mentoring Project

The Mayor of London’s Sport team, in collaboration with the Violence Reduction Unit, has launched a sport and mentoring intervention program to support young people who are at risk of exclusion or those affected by violence during their transition from primary to secondary education. This initiative is part of the Mayor’s London Recovery missions, which prioritises Building Strong Communities and New Deal for Young People initiatives.

Youth Unity will be providing an after-school sports and mentoring program the Thamesmead area of London for children in years 5 and 6 who are experiencing difficulties or have been excluded from school. The program aims to boost the children’s self-esteem, self-confidence, and engagement with education.

The program will continue when the child transfers to secondary school, with the same trusted adult and activity to help them adjust to their new environment. Community sport coaches will receive training and support from the Mayor’s office, including mentoring, mental health, trauma-informed training, and support for young people with diverse needs. The Skills Builder Partnership platform will play a fundamental role in the success of this program. It aims to develop essential skills in young people to support their educational and career aspirations and positively impact their lives. The program will reflect essential skill development through its practices and utilise the Skills Builder Partnership platform to demonstrate individual progression.

Our experience mentor will be delivering Basketball and sports sessions every Thursday as part of the delivery for this project


Friday Night Unity Hub, Limes Farm, Essex

Youth Unity Hub every Friday night on Limes Farm Estate in the Community Centre from 6pm to 8pm – 10+ boys and girls

Youth Unity are working in partnership with Epping Forest district council to deliver wellbeing sessions at the Limes Farm Community Centre, Limes Ave Chigwell IG7 5LP, every Friday night from 6pm to 8pm.  Starting 27th January.

The multi-sport activities are available to both boys and girls aged 11 to 18 with the aim of engaging more youngsters with sport, whilst also building on life skills helping to improve confidence, self-esteem and ambition.

The sessions will include a number of different activities, including boxing, fitness, table tennis, and will be run by fully qualified sports coaches who are also mentors.

The fun, engaging and challenging sessions can be very rewarding for the youngsters, a chance for them to come to a safe space and make new friends.

There are also opportunities to volunteer. 

Our Halloween Night - food funded by Jack Petchy

How Many Live on Limes Farm



Active Essex – supporting our sports programs

Youth Unity are happy to celebrate that we have been awarded a sports grant which will help us to purchases equipment to run boxing, circuits and table tennis sessions on the Limes Farm Estate in Chigwell, Essex.

The activities will enable Youth Unity CIC to provide a safe space
for the local community helping to provide positive activities, improve mental health, create positive
relationships, reduce vulnerability, ASB and crime.

You can find our sessions on


Gang Exit Mentoring Program​

Our mentoring and gangs exit work continues to offer safe solutions, engaging and helping young people to understand the consequences of serious youth violence and gang associations. Our gang exit program has successfully reintegrated many young people into a more sustainable life style choices.

Based on data following analysis drawn over the past 12 months

Found Employment 80%
Are now in full or part time education 100%
Increased confidence and resilience to coping 100%
More trust in support workers and other professionals 100%
Not reoffended 68%

Gang Exit Young People Survey at end of support.

How would you rate your experience working with Youth Unity Support Worker ?
How do you rate your mentor?
How would you rate your experience working with Youth Unity Support Worker ? 99%
Whilst working with your support worker did you feel supported  ? 98%
Following the mentoring program and 1 2 1 interventions do feel you have learnt new techniques to cope with future problems and know where to get help if they need it. 96%
Following the mentoring program do you feel more  resilience and confident ? 93%
Bexley Outreach Service

Violence Reduction Community Outreach in Erith

The Objectives

Better safeguard young people from harm and exploitation

Create a safe place in the heart of the community or those at risk and build trusted relationships

Working in partnership to signpost young people to existing youth providers

The Opportunity

Enhance vulnerable ‘client focus’ in line with their specific needs

Improve joint overall ‘client focus’ approach

Improve overall systems safeguarding responses

Build trusting and empowering relationships with young people in the local community

Identify opportunities to improve future safeguarding service provision for local Schools, affected young people and communities.

Youth Unity Outreach in Bexley

Useful contacts

A charity that finds free legal assistance from volunteer barristers for persons unable to afford a lawyer and not eligible for legal aid. Specific eligibility criteria must be satisfied – case-by-case basis. Complete application form online here.​

a registered charity working in London Borough of Bexley to provide effective support for vulnerable young people aged 8-17; who are experiencing a crisis or ongoing problems, which can include material or emotional deprivation, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, social
isolation, bullying, or the effects of dysfunctional family life. They may have a caring role within the
family to a parent or sibling with disability or life illness

A MARAC is a regular local meeting to discuss how to help victims at high risk of serious harm. MARAC brings together representatives from a number of agencies in Bexley to discuss the safety, health and well-being of people experiencing domestic abuse (and their children). All professionals should have access to a nominated domestic
abuse lead who is trained in completing a domestic abuse stalking, harassment and honour-based
violence risk identification checklist (DASH). Email <a href=””></a> with any enquires.

Weekend/overnight residential opportunities and community based 1:1 support for young people at the risk of criminal activity, gang related, sexual exploitation, knife crime and recidivism. Early help and prevention .

Child and young person mental health services.
Call 0203 260 5200​

If you have any concerns about a child, please contact Children’s Services in the first instance. Call Children’s Services at the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) on 020 3045 5440 and speak to a social worker
Call:- 020 83037777
020 8303 7171
Address: Civic Offices, 2 Watling Street, Bexleyheath DA6 7AT

If you have any concerns about a child, please contact Children’s Services in the first instance. Call Children’s Services at the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) on 020 3045 5440 and speak to a social worker
Call:- 020 83037777
020 8303 7171
Address: Civic Offices, 2 Watling Street, Bexleyheath DA6 7AT

Mind Bexley: If you are experiencing mental distress, Mind in Bexley can help with services such as advocacy, befriending, information, psychological support services and counselling. Call them on
02083035 816
or visit their get help page.

A partnership led by the local voluntary sector (Bexley Moorings
Project, Porchlight and Bexley Voluntary Services Council (BVSC)) with the Bexley Children’s
safeguarding partnership Shield have come together to create, promote and support a parent/carer champion network for parents of young people aged 11 – 24 who are at risk of going missing, exploitation, gang affiliation and running county lines in Bexley. The aim is to provide a safe space for parents and carers who may be isolated; frustrated and lonely; seeking the right support and understanding with the issues they and their family face. This will be done through establishing a clear pathway to support, giving a voice and promoting the issues being faced to the wider community in
order to improve everyone’s future.
For further info or to access the survey in a different format please contact Anne Bennett, Bexley Moorings Project on <br>0208 304 960.

Bexley TYS provides advice and guidance at the earliest opportunity to our vulnerable young people who face, or are at risk of exploitation, family violence, parental mental ill health, substance misuse, being excluded from school or at risk of school exclusion, involvement in crime or anti-social behaviour.
Call 020 83037777
and ask for Youth Services.

Emotional support for families and friends bereaved through murder or manslaughter. Listening support is provided by volunteers who have lost a loved one through murder or manslaughter. Regional one to one telephone support.
Call 0845 872 3440.

If you have any concerns about a child, please contact Children’s Services in the first instance. Call Children’s Services at the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) on 020 3045 5440 and speak to a social worker
Call:- 020 83037777
020 8303 7171
Address: Civic Offices, 2 Watling Street, Bexleyheath DA6 7AT

Solace Women’s Aid is appointed by the London Borough of Bexley to provide vital domestic abuse services in the borough. Solace offers free advice and support to women, children and men in London to build safe and strong lives. Futures free from abuse and violence. Their community service will deliver a specialist domestic abuse service that provides a One-Stop Shop IDVA service for high-risk cases, an outreach service for media risk cases and resilience-building group programmes. Their aim is that all women, children and men affected by abuse are given the specialist support needed to build safer lives and stronger futures.

For safeguarding concerns and support relating to adults, contact Bexley Council on 0208 3037 777
(Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm) and ask for ‘screeners’ or email <a href=””></a>

A support service for people representing themselves in the legal process in London courts.  Can provide someone to talk to and attend court with victims, explain the court process, help clients to fill in paperwork, etc. Note they cannot act as representative or give legal advice.
Call 0300 081 0006

An online platform for adults’ mental health and wellbeing to speak with professional counsellors and communities about common issues.

Works with children and young people from the moment they experience or witness a crime, until the time when they and their worker feel they no longer need our support. They focus on reducing risk while increasing protective factors and resilience levels. Call 0808 1689 111
or request support online here.​

Men in Sheds, Erith

Podcasting in the community of Erith. Delivered in partnership with Bexley Community Safety Partnership. Interviews include some key people from the local area of Erith. Podcasting has become a...

Young People of Erith

Through the outreach work we do on a weekly basis, we have the opportunity to meet a variety of different people that live and commute into the community. Through...

Podcasting in the Community of Erith

Podcasting in the community of Erith. Delivered in partnership with Bexley Community Safety Partnership. Interviews include some key people from the local area of Erith. The podcasts are available...

Christmas Fun Afternoon in Erith

Youth Unity hosted a special community Christmas event at the Exchange in the heart of Erith in partnership with Bexley Community Safety Partnership. Also joined on the day by...

Mentor feedback

Youth Unity are proud to have such a passionate and dedicated person part of the team, working to empower the young people that he works to support.

Operation SCEPTRE

Taking place between Monday 16 May and Sunday 22 May 2022, Operation Sceptre will see the police service across the UK highlighting the risks that carrying a bladed weapon can...

Erith Unity – Art Project

Bexley Community Safety Partnership (BCSP) worked closely with Youth Unity CIC, as part of an ongoing approach to reducing violence in the local area, through this funding Youth Unity worked to install...

square mentoring web

North Meets South – 1:1 mentoring service

Youth Unity is pleased to announce that we are the new selected provider to deliver a 2 year Mentoring program for vulnerable young people, working in some of the most deprived areas of London supporting the local communities, working in the areas of Barking & Dagenham and Havering.

The new service will offer a referral pathway that will allow us to provide direct 121 and contextual case support to some of the most complex cases working with Schools, Social Care and Metropolitan Police.

We have been developing our model and building an evidence base for the past 12 months following success in other areas, this funding will improve outcomes for our young people around CCE & associated vulnerability strands as we get the opportunity to network with key partners across the Borough of Barking & Dagenham we wanted to acknowledge all the people & organisations that have supported us on getting there.

Please get in touch if you’re reading this and would like any further information on our service, and how we may be able to support young people in your community.

The ages covered are between 7-18 associated or at risk of exploitation, gangs, or associated vulnerability (if they fall outside the eligible age range, they will be considered on a case-by-case basis) 

  • at significant risk of harm from exploitation, (such as violence or criminal groups, a risk to themselves, or pose a risk of harm to others motivated to change to involvement (if applicable) and are willing to work with the service 
  • working with social services, youth offending or safeguarding team

Individual and group mentoring will provide tailored activities for YP in need of further and more specialised support. This will have an impact on a wider range of outcomes than the lower-level support initially offered to them, as it will consist of regular and sustained mentoring, addressing a variety of issues and risk factors that affect the young people.

The 1-1 support will aim to improve relationships with trusted adults, focus on their attainment and attitude to education and work on achieving personal development goals.

The group mentoring will focus more on improving mental health and wellbeing by developing positive peer relationships and engaging in fun and meaningful activities. The YP will design and participate in activities tailored to their goals, improving self-efficacy and resilience.