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Outreach sessions with in partnership with Dartford Council – empowering the young people of the community

The Unity Hub serves as a safe haven for young people and is conveniently located within Dartford’s central park. Operating every Tuesday, it opens at 3pm.

The primary focus lies on engaging in sports and diverse activities, aiming to cultivate a strong sense of community among the youth. In collaboration with Dartford Council.

Its central focus centres on involving young people all aimed at fostering a robust sense of community among the youth. We encourage sports, we found a game of football is always appreciated, but we cater for all, and tend to let the young people decide on the activity of the week.

In close partnership with Dartford Council.

Our primary objective is to establish a secure and welcoming space within the community, providing an opportunity for the community to unite and gain a deeper understanding of the youth and their requirements. Often, young people find themselves without guidance or suitable destinations, and Youth Unity is dedicated to offering prospects and directing them to other engaging activities.

Our goal is to provide valuable direction and advice by pointing towards various activities within the local vicinity. Additionally, we extend assistance and guidance on topics that hold significance for both young individuals and parents.

If you have an access enquiry in advance, please contact Youth Unity  on the details below. 

Contact: admin@youthunity.org

Site Layout and Ground:
The Youth Outreach Activities is a free activity for 11-17 year olds which will be running until March 2023. Every Tuesday 15.30 – 1745 hours (term times) and 1330-1530 non term times.

The Acaica Hall Sports Hall comprises some 26 acres ranging from formal gardens near to the town centre, through ornamental areas to open space and the bandstand.

Pedestrian entrances to the Acacia Spoert Centre can be located in Market Street, and Central Park. (please see marked routes in map)

Please also consider ground conditions and the unpredictable British weather when deciding when accessing via Central Park.

Accessible Car Park:

For parents and carers dropping young people to the venue an accessible car parking is located in Acacia Hall Car Park DA1 1DJ. The parking is on tarmac and the route from the accessible car park to the entrances is via wide tarmac paths.

The accessible car park and drop off area is located within 100 meters of the Acaica Sports Hall front door entrance. 

By Train:
Train details can be found on the Trainline website .

Facilities at Dartford Train Station include:

  • A ramp for train access
  • Step-free access coverage
  • Lifts to all platforms. Ticket office and car park are step free
  • Wheelchairs available
  • Accessible toilet
  • There is a taxi rank outside the station and accessible taxis are available

The distance from Dartford Train Station to Acacia Hall is estimated at 800 meters.

By Bus:

Young people from Dartford Travelling via bus please see the attached links :

Transport for London  


Arrival Guide:
Central Park opens daily and closing varies depending on the time of year. 

Closing times of Central Park