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Empowering Our Youth & Bringing Communities together through the power of Sports, Arts and Media

Our focus is Early Intervention and Early Identification of those ‘at risk’ from Gangs, Serious Youth Violence, Criminal Exploitation and associated vulnerability strands.

This is consistent with the Government’s 4P approach and contained within the Serious and Organised Crime strategy.  

This strategy effectively coordinates national joint working to reduce the level of serious and organised crime affecting our local communities. It uses the framework often referred to as the 4Ps (Pursue, Prevent, Protect and Prepare) and strengthens a partnership approach to safeguarding our most vulnerable and tackling offenders. – 

Our key objectives are consistent with this strategy and approach :

Prevent – To stop people becoming gang members, being exploited or participating in violence.

Prepare – To  effectively mitigate risks through preventative measures and innovative creative media early intervention. With the aim to kick start conversations, build resilience and inspire change around complex social issues.

Protect  – To strengthen adults and young people by building their emotional and cognitive (thinking) resilience, better enabling them to ‘say no’ to gangs, violence, drugs, crime and other forms of exploitation and vulnerability themes. 

We work with schools, colleges,  police forces, social services, LSCBs, charities, borough councils, county councils, private businesses, national government agencies to deliver productions, workshops and training for young people and adults across the UK.

Our team has cumulatively 88 years of experience in youth and community development. We believe that with this experience we can develop Youth Unity over the next five years to become a one stop shop for young people to seek help, advice and training to enable them to go onto leading sustainable and healthy lives.  To encourage better community cohesion by running events and projects that bring BAME, LGBT including people with disabilities together to form a better understanding of our differences.

Our team has over the years delivered film workshops in schools, colleges and pupil referral units. Teaching young people of all ages the importance of using social media responsibly. We also run more specific intervention workshops aimed at young people at risk.   Our work is aimed at young people between the ages of eight to twenty-four years old. 

Our projects are delivered across London and various parts of the UK, working primarily but not exclusively with Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds who are NEET or unemployed.

We aim to minimise both the long and short-term impact of young people being NEET and ensure that as many 16- 24-year-old young people are participating in training and work experience, through specific tailor-made programs, we help to build self-esteem and promote a healthier lifestyle, as well as teaching them the power of earning a legal and responsible living.

Our projects address the traumatic experiences of serious youth violence and since the lock down the extra impact of COVID 19 our mission is to give opportunities for these young people to talk openly about how they feel now and what they feel the future holds for them and what they feel they can do to make the most of the current climate.  It will also address, how young people feel about reintegrating back into schools, colleges and employment, as many young people are now facing a future that is very uncertain.

Youth Unity develops projects that bring different groups together to build cohesive and consistent grass roots approach to tackling issues that affect young people and the community that they live working with ages 8 to 25, including BAME, LGBT and people with disabilities.  Encouraging young people to live a healthy and enriched lifestyle by offering training and work experience that can enable them to earn a living and contribute positively back into their families and communities.

Addressing the rise of young people drawn to county lines with an underlying factor as many young people are unable to seek employment leaving them prime targets for county lines, as more young people are online, this project will provide help and support to address this and other important topics:

Before Covid-19 and the lockdown, forecasts suggested that the number of young people outside of education, training and employment is likely to increase due to an overall rise in the population.  These rises have an overwhelming impact on the young people that form part of the school-leaving population. There is an increase in the numbers of young people that live in care or are special needs. The real concern is that this combination of growth combined with the lack of opportunities will create a void that is likely to impact the economy post COVID-19. Although we will not know the impact until this time.

Our aim is to empower young people coupled with community cohesion to bring about change in perceptions that all young people are in gangs and look for trouble.  Our youth are our future and we need to protect them from harm and engage them into meaningful pastimes that offer hope, fulfilment and encouragement.

We believe that every child and young person should have the opportunity to realise their potential whatever their life circumstances

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