Youth Unity is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing effective help and support to vulnerable young people and adults who are affected by group violence (gangs), drugs, and other forms of exploitation such as human trafficking, CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation), and extremism. Youth Unity works in collaboration with statutory organisations, commissioned services, and charities to provide a cohesive approach to solutions.

Youth Unity CIC focuses on improving opportunities for all individuals, particularly young people from all backgrounds. Youth Unity believes that by improving the overall health and well-being of an individual, they are better equipped to make informed choices and decisions. Youth Unity CIC works with various stakeholders to provide support and interventions for individuals affected by group violence, drugs, and exploitation. This may include providing counselling, mentoring, education and employment opportunities, and other practical support to help individuals break free from the cycle of violence and exploitation.

Youth Unity CIC also works to raise awareness about the issues of group violence, drugs, and exploitation in communities and schools through educational workshops and training. We also provide training and support to professionals working with vulnerable young people and adults to enhance their capacity to address these complex issues effectively. The organisation is committed to being transparent and accountable in its operations and strives to make a positive impact on the lives of young people and adults affected by group violence, drugs, and exploitation, with the goal of improving their opportunities and well-being.

This approach aligns with the Government's 4P strategy, which focuses on Pursue, Prevent, Protect, and Prepare. Pursue involves tackling offenders, Prevent focuses on early intervention to stop people from becoming involved in crime, Protect aims to safeguard vulnerable individuals, and Prepare involves being prepared to respond to incidents and supporting individuals to exit criminality. Youth Unity CIC's partnership approach aligns with the Government's strategy, aiming to reduce vulnerability and safeguard local communities through collaborative efforts with various stakeholders.



People becoming involved in SYV, being exploited participating in violence.


To effectively mitigate risks through preventative measures and innovative creative media early intervention. Our aim is to kick start conversations, build resilience and inspire change  around complex social issues.


To strengthen adults and young people by building their emotional and cognitive (thinking) resilience, better enabling them to ‘say no’ to violence, drugs, crime and other forms of vulnerability.We work with statutory services, education, police, social care, LSCBs, charities, LA’s, to deliver productions, workshops and training for young people and adults across the UK.             


Our ethos is that all young people deserve the right to be treated fairly as individuals irrespective of their age, gender, race, religion, ability or background.

As an organisation our aim is to ensure that young people thrive and reach their full potential ensuring they are fully equipped for the next steps in their adult lives.


Our mentoring and gangs exit work continues to offer safe solutions to engaging and helping young people to understand the consequences of serious youth violence and gang associations. Our gang exit program has successfully reintegrated many young people into a more sustainable life style choices.

Outreach Work

Our outreach work creates a safer place to live, work and visit. The impact has contributed to a reduction in serious youth violence victims, exploitation and community response. Strong and sustainable local networks of community members that have a shared commitment to understanding a blue print and vision for reducing violence. We are constantly testing new initiatives to tackle serious youth violence.

Community Development

Community development is all about working with local communities and the people that live in them. We organise community events that work alongside statutory organisations to deliever projects that connect and provide reassurance to the community, bringing different cultures and ages together to form community cohesion through the use of the Arts, Music, Film and Sports.

Film Production / Podcasting

Over the past few years Youth Unity has brought together young people to help empower them to create produce inspiring short films. Young people are taught to use the medium of film to explore issues that affect society and the communities that they live in. We also have a podcast called YUPOD that host a variety of podcast and interviews directed and produced by young people.

Conferences and Webinars

Our online webinars and discussions provide an opportunity to learn and engage with experts and peers. Youth Unity are often called to present at conferences locally and at national level. Our conferences are solution focused and provide a voice to the communties we support.

Training & Development

With our experience working with young people that may have a variety of vulnerability strains we have developed programs that focus on the solutions to these challenges. These workshops have contributed to the change in many young people choosing to live a more positive lifestyle.

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