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Empowering Young People and Uniting Communities

Youth Unity CIC is a “not for profit” organisation established to provide effective help and support to vulnerable young people and adults affected by group violence (gangs), drugs and other forms of exploitation such as human trafficking, CSE and extremism. 

We work in collaboration with statutory organisations, commissioned services and charities to provide a more cohesive approach to providing solutions. 

We offer mentoring, workshops and training for young people and professionals. We focus on improving opportunities for all, especially young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our overall belief is that by helping to improve the overall health and well-being of an individual they can make better informed decisions that have an impact on all.

Our focus is Early Intervention and Early Identification of those ‘at risk’ from Gangs, Serious Youth Violence, Criminal Exploitation and associated vulnerability strands.

Our principal is to offer bespoke initiatives and traditional approaches to help and assist in challenging the current trends that contribute towards many of the issues that young people are facing today.

Our mission is to help Prevent | Prepare | Protect our youth to ensure a future that is founded on more available choices and less inequalities.

Our key objectives are consistent with our fundamental strategy to :

Prevent – To help stop young people taking part in gang related activities, being exploited for crime or participating mild or extreme drug use.

Prepare – To effectively mitigate risk through preventative measures and innovative creative media early intervention. With the focus on kickstarting conversations, building resilience and inspiring change around complex social issues.

Protect – To strengthen adults and young people by building their emotional and cognitive resilience, also by enabling them to ‘say no’ to gangs, violence, drugs, crime and other forms of exploitation and vulnerability themes.

A formula we believe, can offer an individual a greater starting point in life.

Youth Unity has developed a strategy, in which we deliver projects that bring different groups together to build a more cohesive and consistent grass roots approach, to tackling issues that affect young people and the community that they live in.

We work with young people between the ages 8 to 25, including African Caribbean, LGBT and young people with learning disabilities. 

We focus on the wellbeing and mindfulness in youth and focus on encouraging young people to live a healthy and enriched lifestyle by offering mentoring, training and work experience. By doing so, this can enable them to become more productive, positive and, motivated to contribute positively, towards their families and local communities.

As such, we focus on providing services in areas that may not have the resources or expertise to identify and provide solutions to some of the challenges that they may be experiencing locally, specifically the socio-economic impact of Covid-19, serious youth violence, rising crime levels and substance abuse.

We also provide a comprehensive source of information via our STOPNASK area.  This resource helps to offer advice on the myriad challenges of youth-work, that require advice, solutions and signposting.

Our website is also accessible via posters, handouts and a QR code system that quickly allows the user to access specific topics such as advice on spotting the early signs of grooming and criminal exploitation, etc.