The Team

Paul McKenzie

Head of Youth Development

Youth Professional, Videographer and Public Speaker

Paul has enjoyed changing the lives of hundreds of people over the last twenty five years. 

Through his commitment to working with young people, from all different cultures, he has developed a series of workshops and talks that address man of the challenges that young people face in todays society.

He has also influenced thousands of young people, parents and professional through his short films and informational videos, that are often available on social media and other platforms. His video content is also used in schools, colleges and statutory organisations to help find solutions to topics such as serious youth violence, grooming and drugs awareness.

More recently, Paul has been working with the Metropolitan Police to produce a series of short videos that can be viewed by the young people that are detained in custody suites etc.
Paul remains proud to have contributed to some major changes in the way we address specific issues that challenge communities, especially the issues that affect our youth.

His overall intention is to create more spaces for young people to realise their potential through creative projects that inspire greater change in all.

Shirley Jackson

Head Of Operations

Shirley, Head of Operations and facilitates all aspects of the operation of Youth Unity.

She is responsible for the creating and maintaining the wonderful website that highlights the great works that young people do.

Alongside that she is integral in the running of the company. Through her many years of experience, Shirley has developed a specific set of strategies that ensure that the valuable workshops, and creative events reach the young people that are at risk.

Shirley has over twenty five years of marketing and branding experience and has worked with some of the worlds biggest artist, agencies and non-profit organisations, Shirley has also led on a variety of event management, she now brings all of that knowledge and experience to the company and to the young people that she interacts with.

Her main focus is helping young people maintain a happy and for filled life by offering her many years of experience to them via her work.

James Hensman

Head of Service
Head of Strategic Planning & Operations for Youth Unity CIC delivering front line training, support and intervention services to combat Gangs, County-lines and Organised Crime. 
He has worked for over 16 years  with broad ranging experience in community, integrated teams, commissioning ; and within partnership with Metropolitan and County police forces. 
His passion is enabling quality improvement and supporting vulnerable cohorts at risk of gang related activity.  James enjoys working across diverse communities, creating purposeful multi- agency partnerships in order to improve outcomes for vulnerable cohorts. Previous to his role he was a serving officer responsible for co-ordinating knife crime prevention based operations in partnership with other statutory services. Experience in strategic planning for gang and serious organised crime.

Wayne Hill

Gang Crisis Intervention Co-Ordinator

Anthony Peltier

Advocate / Ambassador
Head Teacher / Special Constable

Dr Craig McCann

Director of S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M.
(Strategic Preventative Expertise to Counter Terrorism Risks using Upstream Measures) Universal Ltd

Grace Moore

Clinical Supervisor

Michael Wallace

Advocate / Ambassador

Donna Leigh

Snr Social worker

Ellis Witter

Film Crew

Riyad Hacib

Writer / Public Speaker

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