Youth Unity Horse Racing

Induction into horse racing

The British Racing School
Introduction to Racing Residential Course


July 10th to 14th – 4 nights 5 day also November 6th to 10th

Experience an introduction to the exciting and diverse multi-million pound Horse Racing industry.  

The British Racing School is a purpose built training centre near Newmarket, Suffolk, the birthplace of horse racing. The School provides training for young people who wish to work in the horse racing industry. With extensive grounds and state of the art equipment, it is the premier training facility in the country. 

During the Introduction to Racing week you will:

Learn how to care for a racehorse day-to-day including mucking out, feeding and grooming

Understand the important role fitness plays for those who work in racing and participate in Jockey focused fitness sessions

Experience the training riders of racehorses are put through on mechanical racehorse simulators, with the opportunity to transfer that to a horse later in the week

Learn what happens on race day with a visit to a Race meeting

The course will last for five days and four nights consecutively – you will stay in our hostel accommodation on site with access to a communal room to socialise

No experience with horses is necessary to attend, you will develop new skills over the duration of the week

There will be organised group activities taking place in the evenings including quizzes and hostel job responsibilities

The British Racing School is a Charitable Foundation and the provision of the Introduction to Racing Weeks are kindly supported by the Gerald Leigh Charitable Trust.

For more information on the British Racing School, please visit:

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Cute little children playing with ball outdoors on sunny day

Play in the park 2023 – Chigwell, Essex

Join us this summer in the park where we will offer play in the park, its free to attend!

Play in the park is incredibly important for the community on various levels.

Here are some reasons why:

Social Interaction: Parks provide a space for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and interact. It fosters a sense of community, allowing individuals to connect with their neighbours, make new friends, and build social bonds. Children, in particular, benefit from the opportunity to develop their social skills by engaging in cooperative play with other kids.

Physical Health: Parks offer open spaces and recreational facilities that encourage physical activity. They provide opportunities for people to engage in outdoor sports, games, jogging, walking, cycling, and other forms of exercise. Regular physical activity has numerous health benefits, such as reducing the risk of obesity, improving cardiovascular health, and enhancing overall well-being.

Mental Well-being: Spending time in the park can have a positive impact on mental health. Being surrounded by nature and green spaces has been shown to reduce stress, alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression, and improve overall mental well-being. Parks provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and offer a serene environment where individuals can relax, unwind, and rejuvenate.

Family Bonding: Parks offer a family-friendly environment where parents, children, and extended family members can spend quality time together. It provides an opportunity for families to engage in recreational activities, have picnics, play games, and enjoy each other’s company. These shared experiences help strengthen family bonds and create lasting memories.

Community Cohesion: Parks serve as a common gathering place for community events and celebrations. They provide a venue for festivals, concerts, cultural activities, and other community-oriented events. Such gatherings promote a sense of belonging, unity, and pride among community members, fostering a stronger and more connected neighborhood.

Environmental Education: Parks often showcase natural elements, such as trees, plants, and wildlife. They offer an opportunity for environmental education and awareness. Children and adults alike can learn about ecosystems, biodiversity, conservation, and sustainable practices. This knowledge can inspire individuals to become more environmentally conscious and take actions to protect and preserve the natural world.

In summary, play in the park is vital for the community as it promotes social interaction, physical health, mental well-being, family bonding, community cohesion, and environmental education. Parks serve as inclusive spaces where individuals can come together, enjoy recreational activities, and create a stronger, healthier, and more vibrant community.

A man in a futuristic hooded jacket stands on top of a skyscrape

Future Ready Mentoring Project

Future Ready Fund

The Mayor of London’s Sport team, in collaboration with the Violence Reduction Unit, has launched a sport and mentoring intervention program to support young people who are at risk of exclusion or those affected by violence during their transition from primary to secondary education. This initiative is part of the Mayor’s London Recovery missions, which prioritises Building Strong Communities and New Deal for Young People initiatives.

Youth Unity will be providing an after-school sports and mentoring program the Thamesmead area of London for children in years 5 and 6 who are experiencing difficulties or have been excluded from school. The program aims to boost the children’s self-esteem, self-confidence, and engagement with education.

The program will continue when the child transfers to secondary school, with the same trusted adult and activity to help them adjust to their new environment. Community sport coaches will receive training and support from the Mayor’s office, including mentoring, mental health, trauma-informed training, and support for young people with diverse needs. The Skills Builder Partnership platform will play a fundamental role in the success of this program. It aims to develop essential skills in young people to support their educational and career aspirations and positively impact their lives. The program will reflect essential skill development through its practices and utilise the Skills Builder Partnership platform to demonstrate individual progression.

Our experience mentor will be delivering Basketball and sports sessions every Thursday as part of the delivery for this project


Peabody Community Outreach

Youth Unitywill be offering Sports, Music and Support Services to Young People in Thamesmead Moorings area every Thursday evening from 3.30pm

Youth Unity, in partnership with Peabody, is excited to announce a new initiative to provide young people in Thamesmead Moorings with opportunities to engage in sports, music, and receive support services. The initiative aims to promote physical activity, creativity, and well-being among young people in the area.

The initiative will provide young people with the opportunity to engage in sports and music activities. Every Thursday, Youth Unity will bring a van to Thamesmead Moorings where young people can participate in football games or just hang out with the team. Additionally, we will at times bring our van that is equipped with music equipment for those who are passionate about music to learn how to make beats.

To promote well-being and provide additional resources, Youth Unity will also offer a signposting service for both parents and young people in the local area. The service will signpost to support services such as mental health services, housing advice, and employment opportunities.

To ensure the program’s success, Youth Unity has partnered with Peabody, a local community housing association. The partnership is working to provide the necessary resources and support to make the initiative well-supported and sustainable.

If you are a young person in Thamesmead Moorings, come and join us every Thursday to engage in sports, music, and receive support services. Parents and members of the community are also welcomed to come and learn more about the program and receive signposting services.

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Football4Impact Phase 2

FOOTBALL4iMPACT is an international non-profit organisation that uses football (soccer) as a tool for social change. The organisation aims to promote social inclusion, gender equality, and education through football. FOOTBALL4iMPACT has various projects and initiatives, and recently Youth Unity’s, Paul McKenzie was involved with the production and documenting the filming of their amazing project, both in the UK and Genva. FOOTBALL4iMPACT aims to bring together young people from diverse backgrounds and promote unity and social cohesion through football.

Promoting social cohesion is crucial in today’s world, where there is often a lack of understanding and acceptance of different cultures, religions, and ethnicities. Sports, particularly football, have the power to break down barriers and bring people together. By promoting sports among young people and providing a safe and inclusive environment, organisations like FOOTBALL4iMPACT can create a positive impact on society.

FOOTBALL4iMPACT’s initiatives are a great example of how sports can be used as a tool for social change.

To find out more please click the link

The amazing team behind this project –
the students are from Ecolint International School of Geneva

Paul McKenzie who is our Creative Director, was honoured to be invited by the team from FOOTBALL4iPACT,  rather than write about his experiences, just take a look at the filming, as always he managed to capture the energy of all the young people involved whilst ensuring that their voices are heard!

Paul McKenzie’s, who is our Creative Director, was honoured to be invited by the team from FOOTBALL4iMPACT,  rather than write about his experiences, just take a look at the filming, as always he managed to capture the energy of all the young people involved whilst ensuring that their voices are heard!


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Sports Podge, held on the 5th of May at the Oval, was an amazing event organised by Phil Jones and his team, an event that brought people together through the power of sports. We were blown away by the concept and the execution of this event.

From the moment we arrived, we were impressed by the level of organisation. The wonderful food, top-notch entertainments, and great people we networked with throughout the day made the event truly unforgettable. The location at The Oval was also an ideal setting, providing a perfect backdrop to the exciting activities.

The atmosphere was lively and welcoming, making it easy for everyone to connect and enjoy themselves. We were thrilled to meet so many like-minded individuals who shared the same passion for sports and the desire to make a positive impact on the community.

In conclusion, Sports Podge was an amazing event that exceeded all our expectations. I enjoyed every moment of it, from the food to the entertainment, the people, and the activities. I can’t wait to attend the next one and see what Phil Jones has in store for us. It was truly an unforgettable experience!

Young host streaming his live podcast using professional microphone at small broadcast studio


Podcasting can create and promote important discussions in a safe and comfortable environment. Podcasting can also be a valuable tool in the therapeutic process and has been proven to aid several confidence issues. 

Our aim for this project Men Tell All is to create an atmosphere for predominantly men of all ages and backgrounds to feel comfortable communicating their challenges, experiences, and emotions.  A platform to communicate their thoughts and experiences on a broad spectrum of topics relating to relationships, mental health, and personal growth in a safe environment. 

Podcasts with male presenters or guests that honestly express their struggles with mental health or emotional difficulties can help reduce stigma and encourage other guys to seek the support they need, as well as for the listeners who just might feel alone and need to talk. Podcasting can foster a sense of community and support.

Although podcasting may not be enough to eliminate all the challenges that prevent men from addressing their mental wellbeing, we can however offer a safe space to come together and a place to offer signposting to the right resources to seek guidance and help.  We will over the course of the project be inviting professionals people 

All the sessions will be led by Paul McKenzie who is a podcaster and public speaker with a wide range of expertise in helping people to communicate more effectively. 

Paul McKenzie has also made an award-winning short film addressing mental health, SICK the Movie

Our aim to coach two young people to lead on the podcasting to ensure we can continue the journey long after the project end.

The interviews can be face to face and also remotely over the telephone

This project has been funded by MIND in West Essex

Please complete the form if you would like to be involved ...

Image of killer with machete in dark apartment with red light at night

Machetes and zombie knives could be banned in England and Wales

Machetes and zombie knives could be banned in England and Wales, with people selling them facing up to two years in jail, under government plans to close a legal loophole.

After complaints from police chiefs and MPs that some large, bladed weapons are excluded from current laws, the Home Office will consult the public over plans to ban their ownership and sale.

Certain blades that are “designed to look menacing” and “with the intention to threaten” are not currently prohibited but would be outlawed under proposed measures, the Home Office said.

Knife crime has increased by 9% in the past year and 34% in the past decade, to 45,000 offences.

This month a judge urged jurors to write to their MPs about the “shocking” availability of dangerous weapons online after a man was found guilty of killing an 18-year-old with a 22-inch zombie knife.

Under laws introduced in 2016, police can only confiscate and prosecute possession of zombie knives in private homes if they meet three criteria. The knives must have a cutting edge, a serrated edge and “images or words that suggest it is to be used for the purpose of violence”.

Inspired by horror films, the curved blades with serrated edges are often sold as collector’s items, but police say they are increasingly being carried by criminals.

Machetes have no such markings, while some retailers have been selling zombie knives without any writing or images on them or even packaging that would allow police to seize them.

While machetes and other similar knives can have legitimate uses in gardening and the agricultural sector, the Home Office said criminals were buying, selling and using larger bladed articles as weapons to intimidate and cause others serious harm.

The seven-week public consultation will define which machetes and large knives will be banned, inviting views to ensure proposals are targeted and balanced in order to keep our streets safe, the Home Office said.

The home secretary, Suella Braverman, said: “The thugs wielding these deadly knives aim to terrorise their victims and the public, and too often even carry out horrific or fatal attacks. They are emboldened by the cowardly idea that carrying these blades inflates their own status and respect.”


death of an unborn child

Trauma Informed Workshops

Trauma informed workshops are educational programs or training sessions that are designed to help individuals better understand and respond to trauma. These workshops aim to provide information and tools to individuals, organisations, and communities that can help them recognise and respond to trauma in a more compassionate and supportive way.

Trauma-informed workshops typically cover a range of topics related to trauma, including the effects of trauma on the brain and body, the various types of trauma, and the importance of creating a safe and supportive environment for individuals who have experienced trauma. The workshops may also provide practical strategies for responding to trauma, such as mindfulness exercises, grounding techniques, and self-care practices.

The primary goal of trauma-informed workshops is to help individuals and organisations better understand the impact of trauma and create an environment that promotes healing and recovery. By providing education and resources, trauma-informed workshops can help to reduce the stigma and isolation associated with trauma and provide individuals with the support they need to heal and move forward.


Transition to Secondary School

Transition from junior school to secondary school workshops are designed to support young people as they move from primary education to secondary education. This transition can be a challenging time for students, as they are faced with new academic expectations, social dynamics, and routines. The workshops aim to help students develop the skills and knowledge they need to make a successful transition and thrive in their new learning environment.

Some topics that may be covered in transition workshops include:

  • Time management and organisational skills
  • Study skills and academic expectations
  • Coping with stress and anxiety
  • Developing positive relationships with peers and teachers
  • Understanding the school culture and routines
  • Self-advocacy and seeking help when needed
  • Building resilience and adapting to change
  • County Lines
  • Gang Awareness

These workshops are lead by trained and professional facilitators which vast experience of delivering these type of programs with positive outcomes. The sessions may involve a mix of classroom instruction, group activities, and individual reflection. Workshops may be offered during school hours, before or after school, or during school breaks to support students as they prepare for their transition.