Mobile Youth Intervention Centre
Creating a safe space in the community

Our unique mobile intervention delivery model, pinpointing is particularly effective in coordinating responses from people with varying backgrounds and experiences, in including those who are usually reluctant to participate, and at the same time in quietening the ‘talkers’ without diminishing the value of their input.

Interventions will enable the delivery of a range of key interventions aiming to create a number of reachable moments with each individual to the objective of reducing Serious Youth Violence and Criminal Exploitation in our community.

Enhance wellbeing and reduce isolation • Nurturing an environment of acceptance – embracing diversity • Ensuring a flexible delivery to meet young people’s individual needs • Providing one-to-one support to build trust as well as mentoring • To offer access to the creative arts for the society’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable people • Recognising steps achieved to improve confidence and motivation • Utilising techniques that ensure active engagement regardless of educational attainment

Creating a safe space in the community

STOPNASK is a new initiative to better engage people of all ages in understanding the facts about Stop and Search. Many people have many different opinions and cultural observations on what the facts and myths are about being stopped by the police.

Many young people are also unaware that they have rights and share the responsibility when it comes to how stop and search is conducted and reported. There is a generalisation that police stop people specifically because they are of a different race or gender, and that are often enough these stops are unjustified and done against the guidance and practices of how they should legally be undertaken.

The STOPNASK team provide a filter between knowing your rights and responsibilities and understanding how and why the stop and search relates to you. It also focuses on teaching and preparing people of all ages to engage more with local authorities such as the metropolitan police or other public bodies. With the rise in drugs offences, violent crime and the increase in young people hiding and using sharp instruments as weapons, it is important for them to know the consequences involved. Some of these consequences may result in being stopped and searched.

The team are fully trained to offer advice and signposting to the public. With the use of a vehicle for outreach, the delivery of information and support can be offered as a way of understanding why they are being stopped, and also how they can respond in a safe and confident way.

The Detached work:

Young people are sought in the locations on the street where they usually spend their time. It aims to create contact, council, and provide assistance.

Working with groups:

A variety of groups that are accessible through schools, through single young people and “cliques”.

Community based work:

a cross-sectoral network of all those working in a particular neighbourhood with children and young people, such as youth centres, schools, police, various clubs and other entities that may in some way involve young people.

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