VAWG Workshops

Crafting workshops that address Violence Against Women and Girls necessitates a nuanced and age-appropriate approach, a task we handle with utmost sensitivity and care.

Our workshops are meticulously designed to foster understanding, empathy, and awareness in a safe and engaging environment for young people. Through tailored activities like storytelling and interactive discussions, we aim to convey the importance of respect, kindness, consent, and addressing inappropriate behavior. The content is thoughtfully curated to instill foundational values, providing a platform for young minds to comprehend the gravity of this traumatic topic and encouraging them to recognise harmful behaviors, thereby keeping each other safe.

Central to our approach is creating a safe space for young people to express their thoughts and feelings. By promoting open communication, we instill the belief that their voices matter, empowering them to speak up against any form of violence.

The content of our workshops goes beyond awareness; it’s designed to cultivate the foundations of healthy relationships. Empowering young individuals with knowledge and skills, our aim is to equip them to build positive connections with others, contributing to the creation of environments that are free from violence and coercion. Your support allows us to expand the reach of these vital workshops, making a lasting impact on the lives of young people and fostering a culture of respect and empathy.

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