Training & Workshops for Young People & Professionals


To stop people becoming gang members, being exploited or participating in violence and encouraging a more integrated and equitable approach


To strengthen adults and young people by building their emotional and cognitive resilience, better enabling them to “say no” to gangs violence, drugs, crime and other form of exploitation 


To effectively mitigate risks through preventative measures and early intervention assisting statutory and third sector in ensuring an effective response

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Suitability:  Schools, Colleges, Universities, Foster Homes, Prisons, Secure Hospitals, PRUs, Young Offender Institutions, Charities and Corporations

Workshop Type: Face to Face or Virtual Facilitation via Zoom/Teams etc
Staff Training/Corporate Workshops: Yes
Delivered by experienced facilitators, our online safety workshops can be fully tailored to suit the requirements of any learning environment.

Our team of trainers and facilitators have a proven background over the last 4 years of delivering certified sessions on behalf of Safeguarding Children Boards to approximately 4,000 frontline staff and managers from 25 different agencies/commissioned services. 

The team has delivered across Kent, Essex, Sussex, Surrey, and Greater London; audiences have included qualified NHSE staff such as: General Practitioners, Paediatricians, Clinical Psychologists, Forensic Psychologists, Community Nurses, LAC Specialist Nurses, Designated Safeguarding Nurses and Health Visitors.  In terms of education, training sessions have been delivered to teaching staff, parents, carers, school governors, young people, and Transition Stage clients (in assemblies and group work).  The training has generated substantial audience feedback to the delivery team have consistently been assessed as ‘excellent’, ‘highly informative’ and ‘practically very useful’.

Paul McKenzie has over the years worked with many young people making short films and documentaries.  We also offer bespoke training videos, corporate, professional, music and more 

A selection of our workshops

Our Drugs and Alcohol Workshops can be customised for different contexts, providing a gentle introduction.  We also have a series of films that highlight the impacts 

Covering County Lines, Joint Enterprise, The 3Rs Of Gang Membership, The Postcode Trap and Much more

Covering Laws, Gang Culture, Music & Social Media Influences, Prevention Strategies and Much More

Covering County Lines, Joint Enterprise, The 3Rs Of Gang Membership, The Postcode Trap and Much more

Grooming in the 21st Century: How Children are Recruited for Sex, County Lines and Terrorism

How Children are Recruited for Sex, County Lines and Terrorism

Joint Enterprise, The 3Rs Of Gang Membership, The Postcode Trap and Much more

Bullying, Social Media, Eating Disorders, Anxiety, Self-Harm and Much

Resilience to saying no to gangs, drugs, violence and exploitation and helps them develop the thinking skills to better understand the risks they may well experience and to make the right positive choices.


Remote Awareness Workshops

All of our workshops work to fully engage the audience with the facilitators all the way through out workshops.  Pupils are able to use their devices to participate in live debates by way of polls, questions and quizzes.  This enables us to help signpost for future intervention after the workshops with live data reporting.  We also have a series of films that address serious issues. 

All of our short films are made with young people and have gone on to win awards. 

Need to Know Workshops & Training for young people and professionals

Child Sexual Exploitation – Need to Know

Drugs Safety – Need to Know

Street Terminology (Gang Slang)

Missing Persons

Social Media

Exploitation Safeguarding  Advanced

Consultancy – Internal Peer Review / Audit

Cuckooing – Need to Know

Vulnerability toolkits 1.5 hour session

Lone Worker and Personal Safety 

Safeguarding  of Vulnerable Adults

Safeguarding Children and Young People

Conflict Management 

Evidence Capture and Report Writing 

Guest Speaking / Media Interviews