Spotting the signs of Grooming

The easiest way to deal with grooming is to stop it before it starts! Once you’re in a groom cycle, it can be hard to break out. This is because a grooming cycle is very complexed and it will often leave you feeling guilty for wanting to leave. the emotional manipulation that is used by a groomer, will often make you want to stay even when offered a way out. The complexity of the relationship may be linked into many different aspects of the life of an individual. Some victims of abuse believe that they are to blame for the break up of the relationship.

​Avoid giving out personal information

Personal information is crucial to a groomer. They use this to build up a picture of your life. Information about you or your family can be used to manipulate you in the future.  Also be cautious with the information that you share online with others, as this can be shared to other groups that may potentially be harmful.

Avoid the offer of uncomfortable relationships

Be cautious of people that want to become friends with you. Often friendships are formed naturally and feel quite good. Grooming relationships are often forced onto you and you may feel pressured into being a friend or associate.

Avoid gifts and other offerings 

Never accept gifts or other material things from someone that you are not sure about. This is a common way for a groomer to position you for a later debt or demand. Gifts are great, but ask yourself why you deserve one!

Avoid online pressure 

Online grooming is becoming very common with the access afforded by social media. Never share information or locations with anyone that you are not familiar with.   Also try to avoid guilt or remorse for not responding.  Groomers will often appeal to your weakness with the aim of making you feel super confident as the goal.

​Avoid the lure of making quick money 

There is nothing wrong with wanting nice things or being able to support your family more, but it can come at a cost. There is no such thing as easy money! A groomer will try and tempt you to be able to make easy money, but this is very rarely the reality. The reality is

You may end up in thousands of pounds debt, simply by accepting the lure of easy money.