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Source: Kerry Mussington

Has your past belief kept you in unhealthy circumstances?

A school photo but nobody saw this little girl abuse, they never saw her being taken advantage of (groomed by the family friends)

They never told her she was living in domestic abuse, as a little girl parents so wrapped up in drink drugs and own issues she was abused right under their noses, she went on to gain a diagnosis in her late 20’s then she was manipulated and her mental health was used as an excuse against her, to mask the heinous crimes.

47 years of abuse throughout her life, even the system failed her and never protected or offered support without victim blaming, just given her a label borderline personality disorder but writing down a paperwork abuse her abuse. 

So why did she not get help in the correct departments no just chucked tablet and told to get in with it that label is (a reward for abuse, now she has this label for life hell.

people picked on her year after year until she learned to say no to abuse, only because someone told her it was wrong to be treated like that and stuck by her to expose NEGLECT for what it was from child abuse to domestic to even those so-called Friends bullying and humiliating her

Rejection and abandonment

Online cyber bullying to add in the most horrific way resulting to her getting police involvement to cease the unwanted behaviour from those who saw her as a threat,  when she stood against abuse she was targeted online and a photograph placed on a group so she would be target more

This stopped when she took action against this form of abuse it stopped. But year after year she suffered Degrading treatment Until one day someone else saw what she went through and helped her to fight back against abuse that caused her mental health to crumble.

Making those abusers pay for what they did she took them to a higher authority and won cases that had written context such as (she throws a tantrum and always complains.  They protect the abusers; it was not a tantrum it was A CRY FOR HELP she was drained and had nothing left to live for so you can imagine she tried once again to take her life never knowing how to tell the story so it would be understood without persecution.

She never got to tell on her child abuser as he died, this is when she felt free.

An opportunity came up to create a business and she thought this is the way to express to tell the whole world what she’s been through so they too could prevent their own children from going through what she went through she wanted to empower other women who went through sexual abuse and domestic violence and also suffered with mental health complications due to stress, so she built the MOM Project Suicide Prevention as a way to raise awareness on those subjects to help others prevent and to forgive themselves a abuser is the only one who tries to have power and control and grooms you into submission he or she are responsible for their actions. NOBODY FORCED THEM TO ACT THIS WAY.  

They were raised in a belief system.  Reinforced by society and the belief such as MEN own women and women should do as they are told.  “

We are not a slave; we are a human who has rights and the right to say no to abuse. And the right to say no to sex

Kerry Mussington helps many people understand the patterns and raises awareness on mental health and now Is a trained Facilitator in Domestic Abuse, she took everything she could to empower herself and other. her mission is to save life and prevent others from the dreaded depression that’s mask so much abuse…. That even if they can identify they are being abused or neglected.

It has come to my attention through research that many people who suffered abuse end up with labels such as borderline personality disorders ADHD bipolar and many other disorders such as PTSD Trauma affects children and adults ripping life from them stealing childhood stealing adulthood because you are treated like a child told to do things you don’t want to made to put up with harmful behaviour and if you don’t there is consequence now this part is scary because you stop TRUSTING people and even Yourself…. Isolating yourself from others. You develop Low self-esteem lack of confidence and even injury to one’s self using possibly drugs and alcohol to manage daily life.


Trust and good communication play a big part of life but when you are being controlled, you’re just existing like a puppet on a string.

Mental health can get better with knowledge and understanding and the right support from someone who understands this cycle.

Domestic abuse can cease if you are educated in understanding the patterns of behaviour spot the abuse even down to Cheating and belittling power and control is what the abusers want and let me tell you this it’s not Because of drink drugs mental health depression unemployment why they do what they do to their victims it’s simply


To the victims out there it is not your fault your children need to know that this behaviour is wrong.  Nobody has the right to sexually abuse you or help themselves and nobody has the right to put their hands on you.

A bully will sulk to hide or deflect from his or her actions

They will call names, lie and degrade you for own gain

Many mothers blame themselves when children are caught up in the middle but are also conditioned many are blame victim blaming has become a huge issue because people don’t want to listen to our painful struggles it just too hard for them to believe

Gaslighting for one’s own gain

Say NO to domestic abuse and please get some support the freedom program will help you in this area and has a program (living with the dominator) it will help women and children understand better of this cycle.  bad fathers to good role models

I understand abuse happens to men also and you may want to get some support there are programmes that can help you to understand.

  • Change that belief because it’s damaging.
  • Speaking out saves lives support saves more
  • Understanding is key

You friends most probably can relate to this post and may never of gotten help or support and end up in controlling relationships

Offering you knowledge that there is a program that they can book themselves in today it’s called the freedom program.

Let’s start raises our standards not our hands



Mr Wrong to Mr Right check it. https://www.freedomprogramme.co.uk/online.php

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