What is? Communicating change is an initiative designed to enable the greatest amount of change for individuals and their wider communities.

This is an opportunity to bring together a collective of professionals and young people to look at improved ways of managing and maintaining specific aspects of safety to produce solutions to the increase in serious youth violence and mental health challenges.

The initiative will also focus on best practices and working together in collaboration moving forward.

A special Thank You to Park View School for facilitating this event 

A multi organisational event to address the impact of serious youth violence and mental health

We are constantly hearing the same narrative when it comes to "knife crime" and sadly nothing is changing! with the rise in county lines, grooming and criminal exploitation in a post covid world we feel bringing interested groups together is an effective approach to finding a host of solutions that can help to benefit young people and the wider communities that they live in.

The approach here is a specific focus on solutions and not the problem.

The challenges are not just a Tottenham problem, but a there is clearly a pandemic of issues across London and the home counties. For change we must collaborate and share best practices in order to produce a new approach to managing topics such as serious youth violence and grooming.We are inviting community leaders, local authority and statutory organisations to join us on an open forum to help find solutions that will benefit all moving forwards.Yes, there are Grassroots organisations working in isolation, tackling some of the hardest to reach young people. There are also specific organisations and charities that are at the forefront of change. However, a unified approach is needed to make sure that moving forwards enables an approach that sees organisations actively working as one to reinforce the change we need.

Young People's opinions matter

The panel and young people are invited to explore best practices that can be used by all when working together. The young people will also be from a cross section of the Tottenham community and will have strong links to the local schools and current services available to them.

The event will also be screened virtually to expand on the audience capacity.

There will also be a live Q&A that can be accessed by mobile device.

Janet Hills MBE

Janet Hills MBE became the first female Chair of the Metropolitan Black Police Association in 2013 and was the National President of the NBPA from 2015-17. Her career in the London Metropolitan police service began at Brixton Police Station in 1991 and includes time in the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), the Community Safety Unit and the Human Trafficking Unit.
She grew up in Croydon, her parents are Jamaican. In her spare time Janet is a netball coach. She is also a non executive trustee with St Giles Trust.
She was awarded an MBE in the New Year’s Honours list 2021 for services to Policing and to Community Relations.

Gwenton Sloley


Independent candidate Gwenton Sloley is campaigning to be elected as the next Mayor of Hackney, he campaigns under the Hackney People Before Profit banner, wants to see more help for people suffering from the last two years.

“The whole community needs access to trauma support,” he said.

As one of the founders of the London Gang Exits programme, he works to help keep young people from getting involved in crime.

He arrived in Hackney from Jamaica and grew up on Gunton Road in Stoke Newington.


Anthony Peltier


Special Constable Anthony Peltier is a real life community champion and hero. A Head Teacher by day and a Met Assistant Chief Officer by night, working on the London streets for the last 20 years as a police special.

Not only is he an amazing community champion but he is also the recipient of a Binny Award for his act of bravery and Pride Of Britain award, and for the record he is one of life’s true gentlemen.

Raised on the Kingsmeade Estate in Hackney, one of the roughest estates possible, Anthony knew hardship from the very start of his life.

Lynette Charles

MIND Haringey

CEO of Mind in Haringey, where for the past 5 years she has used her extensive knowledge and experience of Mental Health and Wellbeing to lead Mind in Haringey from near closure to a position of not just surviving but thriving!

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