Detached Youth Work on
the Percy King Estate, Clacton

Youth Outreach work in the community.

Youth Unity outreach service functions as a secure haven catering to the needs of young individuals and is conveniently situated on Percy King Estate, Langham Drive, Clacton-on-Sea.

Every Tuesday 3pm to 6.30pm – FREE to attend all ages are welcome, both boys and girls.

Its central focus centres on involving young people all aimed at fostering a robust sense of community among the youth. We encourage sports, we found a game of football is always appreciated, but we cater for all, and tend to let the young people decide on the activity of the week.

In close partnership with Essex Council for Voluntary Youth Services.

Our primary objective is to establish a secure and welcoming space within the community, providing an opportunity for the community to unite and gain a deeper understanding of the youth and their requirements. Often, young people find themselves without guidance or suitable destinations, and Youth Unity is dedicated to offering prospects and directing them to other engaging activities.

Our goal is to provide valuable direction and advice by pointing towards various activities within the local vicinity. Additionally, we extend assistance and guidance on topics that hold significance for both young individuals and parents.


Youth Unity

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