Youth Consultation Group

The Objectives

Youth Unity consolation group is to help us become more transparent, involve communities more in response  to young persons needs within the local community, and to  support a more information-led approach. 

The aim is to improve our youth intervention projects and to achieve better outcomes for our communities

The  Youth Unity –  Youth Consultation Scrutiny Panel will act independently and will work to aid the development of our youth projects and to address social issues that affect our young peoples.

The panel will provide feedback,  giving a voice for the community concerns and influencing our youth engagement practices across our Services. 

We hope the scrutiny panel will give our young people within the community confidence and enable  us the progress in building meaningful trusted relationships.

The Youth Unity Consultation Group scrutiny panel will aim to meet quarterly for two hours either via virtual meetings or at different locations across our working area to identify any concerns, issues and examples of learning and good practice. 

This is part of our standing agenda item on the Youth Unity SLT meetings.


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