Wayne Hill
Mentor, Gang Exit Serious Youth Violence

Wayne is a dedicated and passionate advocate in the field of serious youth violence and gang exit work. With over 25 years of experience, he has been at the forefront of efforts to address and mitigate the impact of youth violence and gang-related issues within our communities.

Having witnessed firsthand the devastating consequences of youth violence, Wayne has committed his career to creating positive change and providing viable alternatives for at-risk youth. Wayne has worked tirelessly to design and implement intervention programs aimed at preventing youth involvement in gangs and supporting those seeking to exit this perilous lifestyle.

Wayne serves as our mentor for addressing serious youth violence, boasting an impressive tenure of over three decades spent working closely with challenging and difficult-to-engage young individuals. His extensive experience encompasses a diverse spectrum, and his unwavering determination to guide young people toward success is truly remarkable. With an outstanding track record of achievements within his cohort, Wayne has consistently demonstrated his proficiency.

Furthermore, Wayne’s expertise extends to the realm of contextual safeguarding, an area he has gained considerable insight into over his many years of involvement in children’s care homes. His adeptness and fervor shine through, particularly in his adept handling of the demanding responsibilities associated with this role.


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