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The UNITY HUB, our mobile intervention van, is an innovative youth media bus designed to empower young minds and provide a vibrant space for creative exploration. Our mission is to foster unity, self-expression, and meaningful connections among young individuals, a space to celebrate diversity, creativity, and the boundless possibilities of youth expression.

The UNITY HUB compliments our outreach work and other services we deliver, the hub is about music production, podcasting, film appreciation, or simply seeking a place to come and immerse yourself in a welcoming atmosphere with trained youth professionals.

Young People can unleash their musical talents in our onboard recording studio, free style rap, record a track and take it away with them. Whether they are a budding artist, a skilled instrumentalist, or a lyrical wordsmith, our studio is equipped to help bring musical vision to life.

Our dedicated podcasting station allows young people to delve into the realm of audio storytelling. They are able to dive into thought-provoking discussions, conduct interviews, or unleash creativity through captivating narratives. We provide the tools and guidance to help young people develop their own podcasting platform.

The UNITY HUB isn’t just about the activities; it’s about fostering connections and building a supportive community. Young People are able to step on board to unwind, vibe, and engage with fellow young creators. The cozy and inviting space is designed to cultivate a sense of belonging, where young people can share ideas, seek inspiration, and form lasting friendships.

Its also not just a media space, on the outside of the van we run sports activities and games of chess, ensuring everyone is involved.

The Detached work:

Young people are sought in the locations on the street where they usually spend their time. It aims to create contact, council, and provide assistance.

Working with groups:

A variety of groups that are accessible through schools, through single young people and “cliques”.

Community based work:

A cross-sectoral network of all those working in a particular neighbourhood with children and young people, such as youth centres, schools, police, various clubs and other entities that may in some way involve young people.

Podcast Workshops

Podcasting has had a profound impact on young people by providing them with a unique platform to express themselves, share their perspectives, and engage in meaningful conversations. It empowers them to become storytellers, creators, and advocates for causes they are passionate about.

DJ & Music Workshops

Music workshops at the Unity Hub provide a safe and creative space for young people to express themselves. These workshops not only boost self-confidence and teach valuable skills but also offer a therapeutic outlet for emotions and stress. Young participants collaborate, learn about different cultures, and develop strong communication skills while engaging in a positive and constructive activity. Music provides a sense of achievement, belonging, and community, making it a powerful tool for personal growth and well-being in a supportive environment.

Sports & Wellbeing - outside the unity hub

We offer sports sessions in a secure and inclusive environment for young people to participate in physical activities. These sessions promote teamwork, build self-confidence, and provide an outlet for energy and stress. Young participants develop important life skills, including communication and discipline, while engaging in active and healthy pursuits. Sports foster a sense of accomplishment and belonging, creating a positive and supportive community where young individuals can grow both physically and socially.


In the world of gaming, individuals learn to communicate effectively, strategise, and adapt to ever-changing scenarios, all essential elements of successful teamwork. Our mobile intervention hub provides a space where young people can connect, share experiences, and build lasting relationships through the shared passion for gaming. Whether it’s navigating virtual landscapes or conquering challenges as a team, our community celebrates the power of collaboration, preparing the next generation with valuable skills that extend far beyond the gaming world.


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