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Youth Unity’s new 3C’s Community Forum is now live! 

Connection | Communication | Collaboration

This is a new space in helping people and communities to come together and unite.

We regularly hear tragic news that another young person has lost their life, another family is going through heartache, another young person is entering the criminal justice system.

What if there was a place, where all youth organisations, parents and support workers could come together and share their resources, share their skills and knowledge in a bid to create one collective voice for communities across London?

What if parents had an easier way to access help and support? 

A place where young people can go to get helpful friendly advice in a space that is safe.

3C’s is an initiative to bring organisations, families, children and young people together. 

This is why we have launched the Youth Unity 3C’s Community.

3C’s: Connection, Communication, and Collaboratio

Why do we need a community forum? 

 So, what is our community about? 

Communities are about more than one directional communication. They are places where everyone can help each other. 

How do I join the community?

Anyone can view topics and replies just by visiting 3C’s

Why not check it out and explore the categories and topics? Maybe even set up your own group and invite friends to join, a platform away from social media with likeminded people who have a real sense of community.

To start a new discussion or join someone else’s you will need an account.

Initially the forum is only open for posting from Youth Unity 3C’s registered members, but anyone can read the threads and we hope to open the forum up to everyone soon.

Quarterly meetings face to face meetings giving great opportunities to network ! 

What can I find on the forum?

We have discussions on a wide range of topics about your local community, parenting advice, work and volunteer opportunities, concerns around your neighbourhood.

If you can’t find what you are looking for why not start a new topic or group and invite your friends? 

To get started there are few useful categories to help find what you are looking for. When you create a new topic, make sure to put it in the correct category to reach the right people.




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