Transition to secondary school – preparing for the change​

The ‘Primary – Need to Know’ resilience training for Transition Stage pupils (Years 6), aged 10 – 11 years is delivered to children by skilled experts with over 20 years’ experience within Statutory (Policing and Local Authority) and Non Statutory Setting. 

The work shops are an interactive classroom-based session.  It helps to build children’s resilience to saying “no” to gangs, violence and associated vulnerability.  The interactive session develops their thinking skills to better understand the risks they may well experience and to guide and support them towards making the right positive choices. 

Primary school is the starting point for most educational journeys. It can be for some the place where many social skills are formed and values and beliefs outside of the home are created.

For many parents, it will also be the first time that they have experienced a level of independence in their child, with the responsibility of handling home work and similar school based projects. For many it is also a time when there are significant changes that arise in their child on a day to day basis. This could be friendship groups, behaviour or emotional intelligence. Having worked as a primary school mentor for eight years, my concern was always the transition period for most of the mentees that I had the pleasure to know. I have always maintained that transition to secondary actually starts in year five, when most of the pupils are already experiencing fear or worrying about the change in environment. Many are fearful of the increase in workload and the increased responsibility to manage their time better etc. Secondary school can also be a concern for parents, many of them are unconsciously worried about the well being of their child or children when this environment changes. Parents play a massive part in preparation for transition to secondary.

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