The Crib empowers children, young people and young adults to reach their highest potential and be agents of positive social change.

We provide socially inclusive holistic interventions that support the individual’s personal and social development. Many of the people we engage require additional support to overcome complex challenges that restrict them from enjoying being positive and active members of their communities

The Crib carries the London Youth Silver Mark and its work is validated by Project Oracle. We are active members of the Voluntary Youth & Community Sector. We are supported by and work in partnership with central and local government, Metropolitan Police, schools and alternative education, housing associations, corporate social responsibility programmes, and private trusts & foundations.

Through 20 years of grass roots community engagement, outreach and participation activities, the Crib has built a core membership of 700 people. Annually over 1,500 young people actively participate, and 4,000 are engaged, in the Crib’s non-formal, creative learning and participation programmes.