Our social media workshops focus on the harm associated with sharing ,receiving and posting online. There has been a massive increasing in online abuse and bullying.

Social media has become the only way that many young people communicate, and this can highlight a variety of challenges when spending so much time online.

Bullying and abuse are a real concern now in schools and colleges. There are more and more incidents involving hate that are taking place online and during school and college times.

Our workshop looks at how social media affects others and how to protect yourself whilst online.

We developed resources that enable participants to learn more about the hidden dangers of this type of media.


* What is social media and it’s intended use.

* How data from online activity stored and used.

* Online presence

* How to protect yourself online.

* Safeguarding and social media

* What to do if you are being bullied or abused online.

* How to be a responsible social media user.