Kristy Prince is a multi award winning make up artist & Hairstylist with over 25 years industry experience.

Kristy started her career off as a trainee hairdresser at the age of 16 but quickly became disillusioned with salon life and wanted more so after studying Art Photography & Film studies Kristy decided to she wanted to be a make up artist.
However, growing up in family where her parents divorced when she was 8 years old, money for such a glamorous profession were limited so she had to teach herself.    As a student Kristy subsidised her income by doing agency work and through hard work she was quickly offered a job with the local authority due to her kind caring nature.
It was through this that Kristy decided to take on a job as a Trainee Social worker with a local Authority.  After 8 years as a social worker Kristy still had the passion for makeup and then left the career of social work and when back to her love of make up and fashion.
She then became a full time make up artist her time and her history of working as a Residential social worker stood her in good stead as she deals with clients with low self esteem and limited income struggling with emotional issues.
One of the ways Kristy made them feel good was using her talents as a Make Up Artist and Hairstylist.
With all her wealth of experience not just in beauty but in LIFE,  she is now launching her own MAKE UP ACADEMY  teaching budding aspiring make up artists and hairstylists all they need to know to get ahead in the cut throat industry!!! She explained to us that how as a young girl she could of ended up in a life very different to the one she leads now due to her environment and wants to help young people going through the same pressures an opportunity to make a change.  Its all about empowering young people and giving them opportunities regardless of background, these things should be there for everyone!
She is making this training affordable for low income families and payment plans will be in place she is also offering a residential option for overseas or outta London students all ages & genders  welcome.
Kristy will be at YOUTH UNITY DAY offering advice to young people on how best to start a career in Make UP and fashion, she is also offering a FREE place on her course as a prize on our raffle.
generosity don’t stop with a place, but she is also offering on social media a full make up make over on the day! all you need to do is LIKE, SHARE and comment on our event listing and the winner will be randomly selected.
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Instagram: Queenkristyprince

Instagram:   Hotlipsincmakeupacademy