SEN film workshops

FOAM has developed a number of film and confidence building workshops to suit the needs of children and young adults with learning challenges.

We strongly believe that when you focus on ability and adapt learning to it, participants get a much better learning experience.

Recently we have been working with young people that have severe physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy.

Some of our participants have developed their skills around editing and film making and have gone onto run and manage their own YouTube channels.

One young man called Abdi went on to recently feature in a short film that focused on reducing serious youth violence, we have included a testimonial from Abdi.

Our SEN workshops in schools and colleges has given students alternative challenges. Many of these challenges have been overcome.

We also work with groups that have different needs, not as severe. These groups are run during school times and as part of local community projects.

We run a fully mobile studio that allows us to set up and teach in almost location. This proves helpful for organisations such as pupil referral units and schools with limited space.


* Setting up a small studio

* understanding basic lighting equipment

* Working with cameras

* Recording and using audio

* Interview skills

* Working with green screen / Chroma

* Basic editing and production

If you think your child has SEND, you should talk to your child’s early education setting, school or other provider. Your child’s difficulties must be assessed so that the right support can be provided. Getting advice and further assessment from someone like an educational psychologist, a specialist teacher or a health professional it is very important.