Sosa Henkoma

Meet Sosa Henkoma, a dedicated consultant for Youth Unity, whose life journey speaks volumes of resilience and redemption. At the tender age of eight, Sosa found himself fleeing from the clutches of violence within his own home. His childhood took a harrowing turn when, at the age of 12, he was handed his first firearm, a stark symbol of the environment he was thrust into.

Transport yourself to the year 2008, where a young Sosa stands alone in the dimly lit corridor of a council block in south London. The anticipation of fear grips him as he awaits the arrival of his stepmother in the creaking elevator, his senses heightened by the impending danger lurking behind closed doors. With blood trickling down from a wound inflicted by his stepmother’s heel, Sosa braces himself for the storm of violence awaiting him as soon as they step into his father’s flat.

Sosa’s story is one of profound transformation, fueled by the pillars of fatherhood, therapy, and perhaps, sheer luck. Through the trials and tribulations of his upbringing, he emerged as a beacon of hope and resilience. His journey underscores the power of healing, the strength found in vulnerability, and the unwavering determination to break free from the cycle of violence.

Today, Sosa Henkoma channels his lived experiences into a mission of empowerment and unity for youth. With unwavering resolve, he stands as a testament to the human spirit’s capacity to rise above adversity and create meaningful change. As a consultant for Youth Unity, Sosa is committed to rewriting the narratives of countless young lives, offering guidance, support, and most importantly, the promise of a brighter tomorrow.


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