Simone Dyer
Youth Worker and Mentor

Simone is one of our valued youth worker’s and sports coach, Simone is the driving force behind the vibrant energy and camaraderie within our youth groups. With a passion for both youth development and sports, they seamlessly blend mentorship with athletic guidance. Whether on the field or in group discussions, this dedicated professional fosters an environment of inclusivity, teamwork, and personal growth. Their leadership extends beyond coaching skills, encompassing valuable life lessons and character-building moments for the young individuals under their guidance. Through a perfect synergy of sportsmanship and mentorship, our youth worker and sports coach contributes significantly to creating a positive and empowering space for the youth in our community.


Simone is also a dedicated professional Boxer who has recently won The New Regional Cruiserweight Champion and won by TKO.

A true champion inside and outside of the ring!

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