Series 2: Mental Health Awareness

Our Films can be purchased with copyright for distribution with terms and conditions.  We are also able to offer workshops and training with quantified data analysis for outcomes.  Equipment can be brought on site and screened to assembles or smaller groups for workshops.   

Show Title Jayden’s Story

Author Paul McKenzie

Production Rights Youth Unity

Producer Paul McKenzie

Running Time 40 minutes 

Workshop Time 60 minutes

Cast Size 7



Ellis Witter (Jayden)
Giovanni Rose-Stewart-Fraser
Temi Adesola
Trey James
Salim Abdullah
Armarni W Russell
Jaigo Ford
Cornelius Smith

We took seven young people over the half term and embarked on a massive film project to highlight the need for more focus on mental health, we didn’t use knifes, we didn’t need guns, all we needed was a passion to change the narrative and a drive for change. We chose to address the mental health issue. So many young people are displaying early signs of mental health challenges and it this that has inspired the making of the short film SICK.

The production be targeted at two different groups:

  • Young people (year 13+) 
  • Parents, carers, teachers & professionals working with children & young people 

Key points

  • To reduce stigma, mental health needs to be seen as something that concerns us all
  • Using film as a platform offers a chance to bring mental health into the spotlight
  • Discussing a film can help people with mental health problems to broach difficult subjects
  • Screenings of our films that focus on mental health are used to foster discussion, create empathy and reduce stigma

SICK made history by being the first short film to every be screened at the National Gallery in London.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - World Cine Fest - 2021 (1)