Shirley Jackson
Managing Director & Founder

Shirley Jackson, the founder of Youth Unity, established the organisation with a focus on addressing knife crime through innovative sports and music events. Since teaming up with James Hensman in 2021, Youth Unity has garnered substantial growth and recognition, both in statutory and non-statutory sectors.

Coming from a corporate finance background, Shirley brings extensive experience in managing large projects. Over the past five years, she has directed her efforts towards overseeing youth intervention projects, catalysing tangible positive changes in the lives of at-risk youth.

Shirley’s pivotal role as founder and Managing Director sees her diligently managing all facets of the organisation’s operations. With a robust background in project management, she not only orchestrates the execution of initiatives but also ensures seamless transitions from concept to realisation.

Beyond operational duties, Shirley’s expertise spans over twenty-five years in marketing and branding on a global scale. Her collaborations with esteemed artists, agencies, and non-profit organisations attest to her versatility and proficiency in event management, enriching the company’s endeavours and benefiting the youth it serves.

In addition to her work in youth intervention, Shirley takes the helm in crafting marketing materials and website design for Youth Unity. Her creative flair and meticulous attention to detail ensure effective representation of the organization’s mission and values.

Central to Shirley’s endeavours is her commitment to empowering young individuals towards leading fulfilling lives. Through guidance and support grounded in her extensive experience, she equips them with valuable insights to navigate life’s challenges. Her dedication resonates in her impactful contributions to Youth Unity, driving positive change and fostering happiness among the youth.


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