Sarah Lalaz

Sarah Lalaz, the visionary behind FOOTBALL4IMPACT, has recently partnered with Youth Unity to ensure the enduring success of this impactful initiative.

Sarah Lalaz is a trained educator and counsellor and is currently employed at the International School of Geneva (Ecolint) where she has worked for the last 10 years. 

Since completing her Psychology degree, her career has developed from working as a residential social worker and an ESL teacher, to a Psychology lecturer, learning support teacher to her present role of CAS Coordinator and School Counsellor. In all these roles, pastoral care has played an integral part and each position has also helped her to develop an in-depth knowledge of specific learning, emotional and behavioural difficulties as well as enabling her to cultivate a range of diverse skills and learn from experienced professionals. 
Sarah is passionate about youth engagement and providing opportunities for students to take responsibility for and have ownership of their learning.
She loves the CAS Coordinator part of her job for this aspect, as it enables her to encourage students to pursue areas outside of the traditional academic curriculum – hence the development of the FOOTBALL4iMPACT project.
Sarah enjoys pushing boundaries, thinking ‘outside the box’, and is also partial to a wide selection of French cheese.


Youth Unity

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