Remote Awareness Workshops

Paul McKenzie addressing Mental Health in our young people and how they are coping living in lockdown

With most schools and colleges moving towards online and remote learning, isn’t it time to stay connected and engaged with your students?

We know education is key and we also know that many students are experiencing the impact of COVID-19 and isolation.

There is no doubt that mental health is now a real concern for all.

With all this in mind we have developed a way of delivering interactive workshops through short films that raise awareness and truly engage students. These short films address a variety of challenges that young people may be facingTopics such as: COVID – 19 / Social Media Abuse / Peer Pressure / Grooming / Knife Crime / Domestic Violence and we are constantly updating

A fully trained facilitator to host an interactive online workshop and present the short film with a series of Q&A live interaction, a great way to engage young people and to also get a better understanding of how they are coping with the lockdown.

At the end of the film, a live open poll discussion with facilitator which engages the young people.

All data will be collated to form an understanding of how young people are coping in lockdown, this data will be presented back to the school.

All workshops are delivered via our safeguarded platform

Price from £199 per workshop: includes, facilitator, short film which is adapted for online training, data analysis, can facilitate to 50 participants per workshop.

We are able to offer our workshops across all year groups and can adapt for special needs, if booking more than one workshop we are happy to negotiate costs.

Please visit our website for information about FOAM20 which was founded by Paul McKenzie who is the leading expert on county lines and grooming with over 25 years experience in youth development. Paul has over the years worked with many schools, colleges and Pru’s across the country and often leads on discussions and training at Scotland Yard. References and testimonials are available.

Alongside our workshops we also offer motivational talks and training for teachers and facilitators as they also need the additional support in a time that has many challenges

SICK - The Movie

SICK- The short film about mental health in youth.

We took seven young people over the half term and embarked on a massive film project to highlight the need for more focus on mental health, we didn’t use knifes, we didn’t need guns, all we needed was a passion to change the narrative and a drive for change. We chose to address the mental health issue. So many young people are displaying early signs of mental health challenges and it this that has inspired the making of the short film SICK.

Crippled Karma

This short film addresses the fact that violence has become a part of our society.

If this is so, how do the victims survive?


During COVID 19 there is has been a steady rise in violence due to the lockdown. This increase in violence is also having an impact on the children and young people that are currently isolated in these situations.