A selection of our Partnership & Commissioned work

Our ethos is, if we as adults, parents and carers all work together we can push against this current trend of violence on our streets. When we can push, we can pull, and when we pull, we can help.

For years, we have been saying that the young people need to see what a working model of a community looks like, as many of them have no values or beliefs about what one is. Unfortunately, many adults share the same lack of beliefs, and this is part of the challenge we all have ahead.

As parents, carers and professionals, we must approach this in a much more flexible way. A better understanding of popular culture is needed to facilitate effective communication between young people and us as parents, carers and professionals.

We must strive to interpret language and mannerisms that young people display. Much of these changes very rapidly. Once we have a firm understanding of what situations are facing young people growing up in today’s society, we can produce and facilitate the fundamentals of a fruitful society.

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