Day 4: Our final visit before Cornwall was spent with the US Embassy

We were given the opportunity to visit the embassy with the young people.

This is a huge chance for them all to experience the diverse and interesting operational functions of an establishment like this.

The young people were given a special tour of the Embassy with the team.

They also enjoyed eating lunch with some of the staff.

The boys were able to ask key questions about the running of the Embassy and the importance in todays society. They also learned a lot about the relationship between the US and the UK.

The boys also had the chance to meet young US marines that have chosen a career in the forces.

The day ended with a tour of the marines quarters, and a group selfie in front of the US embassy’s iconic signage.

All of the boys thoroughly enjoyed the experience and feel inspired to move towards a positive career that may even involve politics.

Well done guys and thank you for hosting us on a truly enjoyable day at the Embassy.


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