The second day of the project was a visit to Turner and Townsend.

The group spent time in the offices meeting the staff and listening to a presentation about the services and developments that Turner and Townsend offer. The young people also looked at last projects and had the privilege to look at projects that the company have planned for the future.

The group also had the opportunity to meet and talk to younger members of staff that have joined the organisation and have established good career routes etc. The focus was to enlighten the group about possible apprenticeships or positions within the company that may occur in the future.

The staff of Turner and Townsend organised an opportunity for the boys to visit two of the live sites that are in development. The young people were allowed access to some of the most prestigious properties in the borough.

Some of the properties were valued at up to ten million pounds. The group naturally placed their orders.

The group were the taken to the main offices of Turner & Townsend for lunch followed by an invite to visit the viewing deck by St. Paul’s Cathedral.

As well as a great opportunity for the group to take selfies in such a great spot, they also took on board new values about how they too can move forward positively and live a much more sustainable life in the future.

All of the group mentioned that fact that without projects like these, they may never get the much needed insight in how they can use education to live a life that contributes positively to the greater development of communities and other surrounding areas.

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