Part 1 . The London Landscape​

The project will start with the young creatives travelling across London, gaining a glimpse of what it’s like to live and work in London. From visiting iconic buildings to visiting consultants that work across Dominvs’s developments, the young people will start to understand what real estate is from the bottom to the top level boardroom through working with some experienced corporations in London. 

Visit 1: DP9

What an amazing day with DP9 who delivered an inspirational talk to our young participants. They gave valuable insight on how Development and Planning takes place for some of the most iconic buildings in London. 

After the talk we traveled together by London Underground to visit number 22 Bishopsgate.

The young people were given the opportunity to visit a viewing gallery that is not yet open to the public. The development host one of the most iconic views of London.

The young people were given the opportunity to be among the first members of the public to visit the viewing gallery that overlooks much of Londons landscape.

For many of these young people an opportunity to visit something as iconic has never been part of their vision.

It was fantastic to see their reactions as they became part of the new developments history.

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