The project will start with the young creatives travelling across London, gaining a glimpse of what it’s like to live and work in London. From visiting iconic buildings to visiting consultants that work across Dominvs’s developments, the young people will start to understand what real estate is from the bottom to the top level boardroom through working with some experienced corporations in London. 

Full project overview

Day 3. Dominvs group kindly extended their offices to our young people to host a podcast session with some of the most senior members of staff.

The young people were given the opportunity to produce a broadcast quality podcast full of questions and advice on how they can choose a career in their futures.

Some of the questions the young people asked were thought provoking and challenging at the same time.

The Principal Jay, delivered a ten minute talk highlighting the challenges that he and his family faced when they came to the UK and started a small business.

This story provided a real life perspective of how to overcome the challenges to success.

Wes also delivered his perspective on how the young people can pursue a career in property development.

Overall a very inspirational day for the young people and the staff, which was followed by a trip to Nandos.

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