Paul McKenzie
Creative Lead

Paul is a Youth Professional, Videographer, and Public Speaker who has dedicated the past twenty-five years to positively impacting the lives of countless individuals.

With an unwavering commitment to working with young people from diverse backgrounds, Paul has curated a series of engaging workshops and compelling talks that directly address the challenges facing today’s youth. These thought-provoking sessions delve into crucial topics, empowering young individuals to navigate and overcome obstacles prevalent in our society.

Paul’s influence extends even further through his captivating short films and informative videos, reaching thousands of young people, parents, and professionals. Widely accessible on social media and other platforms, his video content is widely utilised in educational institutions, colleges, and statutory organisations. Covering critical subjects such as serious youth violence, grooming, and drugs awareness, his videos serve as valuable resources, aiding in the exploration of solutions to these pressing issues.

Ultimately, Paul’s overarching goal is to create inclusive spaces for young people to recognise and unleash their untapped potential through transformative, creative projects. By inspiring broader change, he remains proud of his contributions in addressing specific issues that profoundly impact communities and shaping a brighter future for our youth.


Youth Unity

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