James Hensman
Chief Operating Officer

James serves as our Chief Operating Officer at Youth Unity CIC with over 20 years experience and is the driving force behind strategic planning and operations, James significantly contributes to the success and growth of Youth Unity.  

James’s focus is on ensuring a Community wide focus on the core mission to deliver better outcomes for more young people and overseeing the development and delivery of the services.  This large and diverse portfolio of Early intervention and social care services is also focussed on partnership work, influencing  system change and responding to new and emergent vulnerabilities.

His dedication to improving the lives of vulnerable cohorts, coupled with his skill in fostering collaborative partnerships, enhances the organisation’s ability to effectively confront the challenges posed by criminal exploitation, county-lines, and organised crime vulnerability.

Motivated by a profound passion for facilitating quality improvement and providing support to vulnerable cohorts susceptible to gang and SYV related activities, James excels in working across diverse communities. He is adept at forging purposeful multi-agency partnerships that significantly enhance outcomes for those in need.  

Before joining Youth Unity CIC James worked for County Police forces and with Community Safety teams  delivering frontline training,  intervention services aimed at combating gangs, county-lines, and serious organised crime.  James brings a wealth of expertise in community engagement, strategic planning, integrated teams, commissioning  and collaborative partnerships with both MetropolitanCounty police forces and CSP’s. His extensive experience extends to strategic planning for addressing gang-related issues and serious organised crime and as an advisory for Safeguarding partnerships, education trusts and regional NHS trusts.


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