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Happy Mothers Day✨♥️✨

Written by Terri George

You Are The Womb of Mankind.🌹

You will be known for eternity by your own example.🌹

My Mother is my root my foundation.
She planted the seed that I base my life on, and that is the belief that the ability to achieve starts in your mind. In other words, what we achieve inwardly will change outer reality 🌹

Years ago, when I was raising my first baby girl and feeling a little desperate for a sense of self beyond the exhausted, overwhelmed milk maid I felt I had become, I did everything I could to “stay strong” and keep motherhood from “breaking” me. Fortunately, I was an empowered 19 year old, because of my family. I had the support and love of my mother, and my mother’s mother, sisters and aunts. however, I still felt like an inadequate teenage under the scrutiny and ridicule of the wider community/ village. I was determined though, that if I simply did more of the “right” things, I could finally feel as if my contributions were enough – as if “I” was enough – and dig myself out of the disempowerment I felt… 🥀

I now see that by holding so tightly to a more masculine understanding of strength, I was actually repressing and resisting a new strength trying to be born in me: the more feminine strength of Vulnerability.

It differs from the masculine models of power, strength, and success that we are currently living under. The feminine strength of vulnerability is a very different thing than the vulnerability that accompanies truly oppressive circumstances and mindsets.

You, dear mama, are powerful beyond measure. But feminine power looks (and feels) very different than masculine power, and is often misunderstood, undermined, and overlooked…🌹

It is vulnerable to ask for help. It is vulnerable to admit that you don’t know what to do. It is vulnerable to depend on others physically, financially, and emotionally. It is vulnerable to gaze into the eyes of your newborn baby and realise that she is completely dependent on you for her wellbeing. It is vulnerable to imagine evolving into something unknown (and culturally dishonoured). It is vulnerable to lose yourself to love. It is vulnerable to trust your instincts. It is vulnerable to claim strength and beauty in ways that aren’t culturally condoned.🌹

It is vulnerable to let motherhood change us.

And yet, by doing so – by rediscovering and reclaiming our right to this sacred, messy and sometimes terrifying evolution – we position ourselves as capable, heart-led leaders in the healing of the world.

The earth is going back to its original order. Stand fully in your power, remember you are capable of anything you can imagine🌟

Your capacity to allow people to live a truth completely opposite to yours, without shutting off your compassion for them, is a reflection of how powerful your love is Mama.🌹

Motherhood is a sacred, beautiful, honourable evolution, not the shameful shift into a lesser-than state of being that our society makes it seem…

It takes a village to raise a child.
Albeit, in the absence of the “Village,” Mothers struggle most. And let’s be clear, the fact that you’re struggling is not a reflection of your inadequacies, but the unnatural cultural circumstances you’re living within.
Typically we buy into a limited, self-perpetuating cycle of disempowering beliefs.

Based on a distorted construct, this version of reality derives its strength from the oppressive mindsets still in place despite our freedoms.

Village life inherently fostered a sense of safety, inclusivity, purpose, acceptance, and importance. These essential elements of thriving were built in.

Now?.. We’re being forced to recreate all of that for ourselves within a society that has physically and energetically restructured itself around a whole new set of priorities. It’s a profits before people model, which threatens the wellbeing of nearly everything we mothers are wired to protect.

Our children’s natural way of being is compromised, as most neighbourhoods and communities no longer contain packs of roaming children with whom to explore, create, and nurture their curiosity.

We run around like crazy trying to make up for the interaction, stimulation and learning opportunities that were once within walking distance.

Don’t let yourself become so concerned about raising “good children.”

Motherhood is all about raising and celebrating the child/ children you have, not the child you thought you had…

Ofttimes, as mothers, we can become too concerned with keeping up with social nuances, to the point where we simply forget we already have one…

However, this generation is about waking up to who we really are and what we really want, and resetting society’s sails accordingly.

Own your strengths.🌟

What makes you feel strong and fully alive?

What lights you up and gives you energy just thinking about it?

Who would you be to your village if you had one?..

Tapping into your strengths and engaging them is one of the greatest ways to attract the kinds of people you want into your life, bless and inspire others, and build a sense of community in ways that fill rather than drain you. 

Let me just say, vulnerability is your super power. You will never lose your integrity, and you can always access the depth of your soul and bring it outward for everyone to see and understand.

Own and honour your needs.
Most mothers are walking around with several deeply unmet needs of their own while focusing almost exclusively on the needs of others. This is precisely the thing that keeps us from gaining traction and improving our circumstances, both individually and collectively.

Learn self-love and self-compassion.
In a culture of “never enough” it is essential that we forge healthy relationships with ourselves in order to be able to fend off the many messages hitting us about who we’re meant to be and what makes us worthy of happiness and love. In fact, I see self-love in action as the greatest gift our generation of mothers could possibly give to the mothers of tomorrow.

As mothers, we’re gifted with the innate ability to look deeply, to understand the growing needs, aspirations, and sufferings of all our children...

Mothers intrinsically know, that the less you demand total fulfilment from your relationships, the more you can appreciLOVE them for the beautiful painted tapestries they already are…

Motherhood is understanding that your child/ children are unique and exactly the person that they’re supposed to be. And if your lucky, well, they might be the teacher who turns you into the person you’re supposed to be…

Mother is, She who bears a Divine role not only in our lives, but also in our society and in the whole worlds. ⚖️

The world needs the transformation motherhood brings about in us. 🦋

The softening, the tenderness, the vulnerability, the shift in prioritisation, the depth of love – these are some of the qualities our hurting world needs most.

Grandest Rising Mothers,🦋

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.🌟

Remember, We Are More Than 🏆 We Are Gifted with the responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to levels we could only imagine…🌹✨

Light & Love Abundantly,

Teri. x


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