Keeping Young People Safe

Advice & guidance

STOPNASK is an area that is dedicated to offering advice to young people, informing parents, carers and teaching professionals by raising awareness.

We simply break down behaviour stereotypes about young people and build bridges of quality communication that bring understanding between social groups.

STOPNASK seeks to safeguard children and young adults against the dangers of specific manipulation whether it is sexual or criminally motivated. We offer non-judgemental advice via motivational workshops, which we deliver to local schools, youth organisations and parents that have a distinct need to understand the complexity of processes such as ‘County Lines’ and Child Trafficking.

Our aim is to concentrate on teaching people the values of a responsible relationship and equip them with the understanding of how people may use relationships to manipulate others.

Our work has led us to work with educating children and young adults with disabilities such as autism, teaching them about the dangers of manipulative relationships.

STOPNASK is a new initiative to better engage people of all ages.

The STOPNASK team provide a filter between knowing your rights and responsibilities and understanding how and why the stop and search relates to you. It also focuses on teaching and preparing people of all ages to engage more with local authorities such as the metropolitan police or other public bodies.

With the rise in drugs offences, violent crime and the increase in young people hiding and using sharp instruments as weapons, it is important for them to know the consequences involved. Some of these consequences may result in being stopped and searched.

The team are fully trained to offer advice and signposting to the public. With the use of a vehicle for outreach, the delivery of information and support can be offered as a way of understanding why they are being stopped, and also how they can respond in a safe and confident way.

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