FOAM20 Media Group

FOAM20 a monitored and safe multimedia company that aims to connect people through film making, radio broadcasting, podcasting, workshops, public speaking, training, youth development and much more.

FOAM20 was set up with a clear social purpose.

FOAM20 Media Group serves to provide an opportunity for individuals to express their brilliance, speak their truth and encourage the lives of others. 

FOAM20 is a friendly motivational organisation and brand that aims to build a movement of positive creativity, using inspirational thought-provoking media and news.

Our platforms consists of alternative but informative news and views about local and international topics. We have a strong belief that the little man has a voice that can influence change in many different areas of one’s life.

Our mission is to create a new generation of creatives and filmmakers through our innovative Workshops.

We also specialise in delivering film, photography and visual media projects for schools, youth and community organisations.

During the last year we have focused on producing a series of short screenplays. #SiCK was one of the shorts which has recently been screened at the National Gallery in London.

Our films have helped many charities succeed in their fundraising goals, proving that great content and interaction really does make a difference to the people they serve.

FOAM RADIO, Freedom Of All Music, online radio station.

FOAM RADIO is a popular broadcasting station with over 30 LIVE SHOWS broadcasting each week, with a blend of amazing DJs what make the station what it is today.  FOAM RADIO is a station that strives to empower DJs and artists through the power of music and connect people globally, the management has core beliefs that music can bring people together and its proof is that we have seen many friendships formed over the years along with helping to formulate music collectives.

FOAM RADIO broadcasts 24 hours a day worldwide,  from the USA, Caribbean, Europe and here in the UK.  FOAM RADIO is available on google and the apple stores and you can also find us on many major platforms.

Its History …. FOAM RADIO started its journey as Conscious Sounds Radio from 2016 and in 2018 it rebranded due to change of ownership to UWC RADIO, however when Conscious  merged with SOAPBOX it just made sense for us to keep it all in brand. 

In its history the station has spring boarded many DJs. From bedroom DJs to playing on the circuit, locally and internationally.  We are  proud that many of our DJs have gone on to play for major FM and DAB stations. 

Over the  past 5 years the station hosted many club nights on the circuit and has had a residency in BOHO Camden we have also hosted many charity events supporting organisations across London. 

There are over 100 awareness videos and short films on FF20 that can be used as valuable learning tools. We currently host a number of channels on the site that can be used as a great resource to educate.

FF20 is passionate about changing the lives of young people whilst allowing teachers, practitioners and mentors to use the content to train and educate others. We also involve young people in the building and running of the platform.

This provides them with ownership and experience that they can use to gain employment or further training etc.

We strongly believe that by offering young people the opportunity to be involved in the production of responsible content, enables them to learn and develop new skills at the same time.

We deliver film workshops in schools, colleges and pupil referral units. Teaching young people of all ages the importance of using social media responsibly.

We also run more specific intervention workshops aimed at young people at risk. These workshops are powerful and help to engage hard to reach cohorts.

Our Business Directory is FREE to list your business, service etc.  There is also a feature to list job, volunteer and work experience opportunities.

All users of the directory will have a member account, and anyone using their service are able to leave a review , giving even more peace of mind and of course what great advertisement.

3DOM has an innovative points system as an integral part of the platform. You will receive points with every interaction you make on 3DOM, see the help file for a detailed breakdown.

Each time you post, share, comment, or upload on FOAM you are helping to fund future youth projects or supporting a nominated charity of choice.

Check your profile for your balance and watch it creep up. This information will provide the you with a current balance and a value that they you donate to a cause of your choice.

This also works well if you wish to contribute to other projects such as youth film workshops or awareness training etc.

There is also an area to create professional profiles, to showcase the projects, skills and much more, this can be used in a fun way also, but a massively great tool to showcase the amazing work many organisations are working and also a great way to connect with members who are on the same path.



One FOAM user point has an actual value of £0.01.

For each 1000 points earned a payment of £10.00 is redeemable and made payable.

Points can be carried forward to the value of 1000 points.

At this point the member is given a list of current charities or current youth-based projects to select from

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