Our Survey Findings

This project was to enable us to better understand, communicate and raise awareness of the need for the vaccination and to look closely at the immediate  implications of COVID-19 in and around the Havering Community.

We spent a number of days listening to the community. They shared their thoughts and experiences of how they have coped with the pandemic and more importantly how they intend to move forward.

If / Have you were offered a vaccine against COVID-19 (Coronavirus),  how likely would you be to get vaccinated?

Would you please share with us your reasons for receiving the covid-19 vaccination?

Would you please share with us your reasons for why you might not or have not had the covid-19 vaccination?

What areas of your life has Covid impacted you?’

What is your ethnicity? (Please select all that apply.)

Age &


The full survey can be downloaded here


*Other responses can be found on the full report