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Youth Unity meet a group of young people in Erith through our Outreach Work and took them on a film making journey, we engaged over 25 young people over 6 weeks to make an awareness film highlighting BULLYING.  Through this journey we formed friendship groups from different schools in the borough. 

The young people who took part will continue working with Youth Unity on future projects and work with us to help spread awareness that being KIND is important.

The awareness film will be used as an education piece to empower other young people from all areas.

Michael is a young man who is trying hard to fit in with his peers, however he is a victim of bullying and no matter how hard he tries he just can not seem to be accepted.

This short film highlights how bullying can make a victim feel worthless, sadly at times ending with greater tragic outcomes.

Mental Health in young people is also on the increase.

This short film is created to highlight the impact.

It is a good tool for opening up lessons or conversations both with the victims of bullying and also the bully.

Please come and support these young people who will be attending.

If you require advice or general information please get in touch

Youth Unity work in strict confidence to offer impartial advice and signpost