Short Awareness Films and documentaries - Produced and directed by Paul McKenzie

Navigating Space Under Lockdown

A research study & film documenting the perspectives and experiences of young, racially minoritised adults from across England. Given the relative invisibility of young adults…

Erith – Film Workshops

Working in partnership with Bexley Community Safety to empower the people of Erith through the Arts with projects that inspire to leave a lasting legacy,…

Short Film About Making Right Choices

William – A short story of making the right choices ‘WILLIAM’ is a hard-hitting production that aims to raise awareness, kick-start conversations and build…

Chicken Shop Grooming

‘Chicken shop grooming’ is a form of child exploitation prevalent throughout the UK, which has not received widespread public attention until recently. Young people on…

Beliefs and values systems, are our young people being taught basic values

Grooming young people is big business!
watch this workshop for more insight

This young man explains how he has been caught up in the criminal system

Why are our young people caught in gang life?
listen to this young people!

County Lines and Grooming, a police perspective

GROOMING - Paul McKenzie talks to a young man on how and why he exploits young people


M4-GYVER, a positive artist raising the question ... Is there too much violence in the music?

How mentoring helped this young man change his life ...

Stop sharing content of serious violence

Roadman Conspiracy Part 1.

Ken Burns talks about suicide prevention

Roadman Conspiracy Part 2.

How mentoring helped this young man change his life ...