Foreword: Ellis has worked with Paul McKenzie on a wide range of the films he has produced, which can be found here on our website

Ellis has won awards for his Acting. He is also a Script-writer, Presenter, Model and Co-founder of his own Production Company, Lescene Productions. Now adding “Poet” & “Author” to his array completely defining or redefining the word “Creative”. Ellis is definitely one to keep an eye on as his debut book “Deeper Insights” explores Emotional Maturity Meeting Brutal Honesty in the form of Self Reflecting Poetry.

The rise in men’s mental health generally is alarming with more people by the day admitting that themselves or loved ones is suffering, isolated, or even suicidal.

The trauma that is passed around is unbeknownst yet extremely effective and we can feel burdened by it, especially in young men as we grow up trapped in these cycles with little to no healthy coping mechanisms. Rather than continuing down that road, Deeper Insights serves as a reflective, self-help poetry book to remind you that you are not alone with your thoughts and feelings and we cannot learn and grow if we are not honest and kind to ourselves. Deeper Insights means it’s more than just surface level.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the book, and/or need additional information for interview/review/article purposes, please reply to this email and provide the necessary
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Ellis Witter
T: 07480323525
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Deeper Insights debut book by Ellis Witter


To give you the Brutal truth as to why this book is so important, On average, 1 man commits
suicide every minute of every day globally. 3⁄4 of suicides in the UK are by men.

Now think to yourself, is this statistic acceptable? Especially in November, Men’s Mental
Health Month with International Men’s day on the 19th. I’d like you to ask yourself why is it
such a foreign subject to discuss men’s feelings and emotions? Think back to all of the times
in your personal life where you wish you had someone to hug, someone to talk to or just a
shoulder to cry on? Think of the rapid increase of lonely men and Ask yourself how many
people you know including you) are silently suffering?

How often do we hear that Men have to be providers, take care of everyone, pay for a lot of
things and “man up” when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. It’s an unrealistic
expectation a lot of men try and live up to whilst ignoring their own personal needs or
health. I Whole-heartedly feel that the importance of this book is so needed in this world
where emotional maturity is scarce and feelings are hidden.

Deeper Insights is raw, authentic and relatable as young people’s feelings are commonly
ignored and finding your place within life can be extremely challenging. I wish I had a
resource like this available to me during my dark days where I could go and learn more
about myself but also understand that I’m not alone and that it’s ok to talk about it. I believe
in Impact over numbers and I hope & believe that these two are blended tastefully.
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About the Author:
Ellis Witter is a 21 year old Actor, Writer, Producer, Model, Presenter, creative who has
starred in projects like ‘Amani’ (Over 3 Million Views on YouTube), ‘Sick (Mental Health Short
Film – Over 100k on YouTube), Reggie Yates’s ‘Make Me Famous’ as well as an NCS Advert
entitled ‘No We Can!’.

I co-founded my own production company called ‘Lescene Productions’ and have created,
written and produced a prequel for my own show called ‘Hey Ellis’ – A autobiography family
friendly comedy show in which we are aiming to get fully funded to produce.


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Foreword: Ellis has worked with Paul McKenzie on a wide range of the films he has produced, which can be found here on our website


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