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Aimed at young people in hard-to-reach areas is indispensable for fostering resilience, well-being, and positive development among young people. It not only provides essential support but also contributes to building stronger, more vibrant communities.

Access to Support: Youth Unity CIC Outreach programs provide a lifeline to young people living in hard-to-reach areas, where traditional services may not be readily accessible. The provision aims to  bridge the gap between vulnerable disadvantaged  communities and the resources they need, ensuring that support is available where it is most needed.

Safe Spaces: The provision aims to create safe and welcoming spaces for young people. These spaces offer respite from potentially harmful environments and provide a sense of security, allowing young individuals to express themselves, build trusted relationships with positive role models, and engage in positive activities.

Preventative and Protective: At Youth Unity our outreach work is  preventative in nature. It helps identify and address issues early on, reducing negative outcomes such as substance abuse, ASB or mental health vulnerability. By intervening proactively our outreach programs

aim to protect young people from harm.

Community Building:  Our outreach work aims to foster a sense of community and inclusion. It brings people together, encouraging social interaction and cohesion. This sense of belonging is vital for young people’s emotional well-being and personal development.

Tailored bespoke Support: At Youth Unity our team take a personalised approach. They build trusted relationships with young people to understand their unique needs, challenges, and aspirations. This tailored method of operating is more likely to be effective than one-size-fits-all solutions.

Education and Skill Building: Our Youth Unity outreach programs offer opportunities for education, skill development, and personal growth. The provision of provide workshops, training, and resources that empower young people to make informed choices and build a brighter future.

Reduction of Negative Influences: By offering positive alternatives and role models, outreach work can help steer young people away from negative influences, such as gangs or criminal activities, that may be prevalent in their communities.

Community Empowerment: Outreach programs empower communities to take charge of their own well-being. They encourage active participation, advocacy, and community-led initiatives, which can lead to lasting positive changes.

Intelligent-led youth (ILYW): Our approach combines the use of intelligence and data-driven insights to inform and enhance youth work practices. Utilising information and analysis to understand the needs, challenges, and interests of young people more effectively. By collecting and analysing data on outcomes and impact, adjustments can be made to continually improve the support provided to young people in an innovative way.


Youth Unity

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