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An amazing testimonial for Paul Robinson, Mentor, Tendring

“I really enjoy working alongside Paul and can see the positive impact his work has on my young people. 

Paul, and other mentors I work with, have life stories that are an inspiration.  They inspire my work but most importantly, inspire my young people who I see come out of their shells, open up and talk.  They don’t even realise – the power of sport and indirect approaches.  Kids sitting in a room and talking about their life when on the spot, doesn’t work.  Kids kicking a ball around, hearing ‘lived experiences’ and how people dug themselves out of their hole… that is real!

They see that people don’t do it on their own but by accepting help.  They see that talking about stuff can be a release and help them to make better decisions.  Paul often brings his dog to sessions – again, animals have this magic power.  They give unconditional love and ‘just get people’.  It really helps kids and adults open up.  

What Paul offers is what many of these kids miss – a relationship, a connection, someone they can relate to.  He offers unpressured opportunities, no taboos and a safe place.  Paul is ‘lived experience’ and we can all learn from what he has to offer.  As said, a true inspiration and a bit of magic for the kids”.

Steffi Thorhauer-White

Turnaround Practitioner

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Testimony from Tendring Technology College;

Paul Robinson, Mentor

Since his time with us Paul’s input has been invaluable.  His determination to help our young people and real life examples ensure that he fosters a good rapport with our hard to reach students.

His real life grit and authenticity ensures that he is able to reason with our pupils and achieve desired outcomes and next steps in their lives and Education.

Paul provides our pupils with real life examples of his own past, as well as trying to make his stories relevant to their lives and the demographic that we serve.  Youth Unity is an asset to have in our arsenal of services that we use to help young people.

Safeguarding Officer 

Thorpe Campus

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Paul Robinson
Serious Youth Violence Project Manager for Tendring

Paul is an experienced professional with a strong background in intervention, sport, and crime reduction management. He brings a wealth of knowledge and a genuine passion for making a positive impact in the lives of young people. Having enjoyed a successful coaching career in both the UK and the US, Paul made a deliberate decision to shift his focus towards utilizing sports and arts as a means of engaging with hard-to-reach young individuals. His goal is to uplift their aspirations and guide them away from a path of criminality.

In his most recent role as the Crime Reduction Manager at Charlton Athletic Football Trust (CACT), Paul demonstrated his leadership skills by spearheading projects that advanced and innovated criminal exploitation prevention across Kent and South East London. Currently, Paul serves as the Youth Unity Essex SYV Coordinator, where he takes on the responsibility of leading efforts in addressing serious youth violence.

Paul’s commitment to community safety and tackling serious youth violence is evident through his involvement in various London-based advisory boards. He actively contributes his expertise and insights to shape strategies and initiatives aimed at ensuring the well-being and security of local communities.

Overall, Paul’s background, experience, and engagement with advisory boards reflect his dedication to making a difference in the lives of young people, promoting community safety, and driving positive change.