Young host streaming his live podcast using professional microphone at small broadcast studio


Podcasting can create and promote important discussions in a safe and comfortable environment. Podcasting can also be a valuable tool in the therapeutic process and has been proven to aid several confidence issues. 

Our aim for this project Men Tell All is to create an atmosphere for predominantly men of all ages and backgrounds to feel comfortable communicating their challenges, experiences, and emotions.  A platform to communicate their thoughts and experiences on a broad spectrum of topics relating to relationships, mental health, and personal growth in a safe environment. 

Podcasts with male presenters or guests that honestly express their struggles with mental health or emotional difficulties can help reduce stigma and encourage other guys to seek the support they need, as well as for the listeners who just might feel alone and need to talk. Podcasting can foster a sense of community and support.

Although podcasting may not be enough to eliminate all the challenges that prevent men from addressing their mental wellbeing, we can however offer a safe space to come together and a place to offer signposting to the right resources to seek guidance and help.  We will over the course of the project be inviting professionals people 

All the sessions will be led by Paul McKenzie who is a podcaster and public speaker with a wide range of expertise in helping people to communicate more effectively. 

Paul McKenzie has also made an award-winning short film addressing mental health, SICK the Movie

Our aim to coach other people to lead on the podcasting to ensure we can continue the journey long after the project end.

This project has been funded by MIND in West Essex


The BubbleDome


The DOME is 50×50 ft and can comfortably hold up to 100 standing, and around 60 with a bar and 40 with four tables of 10

We have access to music for all genres and age groups.

We also can supply entertainment live music, and much more

We are able to create a tent tailored to the needs of each client. Create structures together with the client , taking into account the wishes and preferences.

it takes approximately 1 hour to errect

Everything  is possible. The space is open to creativity and its possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

We hire furniture and lighting at an additional cost

We supply a generator to power the DOME when there is no electricity supply, but this is to power the DOME ONLY 

We will supply you with a risk assessment sheet to ensure your guests are safe, but we are able to put the DOME on most spaces

Yes at an additional charge

We hold a public liability insurance for the event space and will need to discuss if you are hiring this DOME to charge tickets.

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Ninefield Friday Night Sessions

Friday Night Sessions at Ninefields Estate

On Friday nights for a limited period, Youth Unity are hosting a range of activities. Sports will be used to properly engage with young people. 

There will be a sports coach present to get the young people moving and engaged. We aim to get them involved, on their feet and ready to have fun.

The UnityHub will be present on some sessions for those who are more passionate about music. The bus is equipped with a fully functioning studio and acts as a space where young people can learn the fundamentals on how to make beats.

A safe space for young people to have fun, in an environment where they can be themselves.

We can signpost both parents and young people to services for support, in the local area.

Working in partnership with Epping Forest District Council as part of the wider Safer Streets project

Camera lens with lense reflections.

Media Sessions @The Youth Unity Hub located in Ashford Kent

Media Hub came to Ashford in the February school half term 

A safe space for young budding musicians that is mobile, and can be accessible anywhere. The bus has been transformed into a fully functioning studio, with new equipment. The Bus can pull up anywhere for a session with anyone who needs it, from professional artists to school children who want to learn how to make music. The emphasis is on the young generation coming up and supporting them, and giving back to the community.

Street Interviews, we will be taking to the streets filming short vlogs with members of the community.  Our aim is to get a wider snapshot of how the community is coping with the current climate, rise in fuel costs, the strikes and sadly the rise in series youth violence.

What they would like to see change in the borough?

Although these are serious topics we will work to ensure that these are engaging and positive as possible whilst giving a real voice to the community.

FotoGenix-Conscious 8-7-17-60


Youth Unity will be part of this great initiative by way of filming. Paul McKenzie will be capturing all the of the events over the course of the week.

An opportunity to combine young people from very different backgrounds and encourage them to come together through their common love of football.

Visit their website for more information on how they are brining young people together through the love of football.


Thank YOUth – Romford Town, Havering

Youth Unity are worked with Havering Council to deliver an event which is to celebrate and to say thank you to young people for coping through the lockdown.

The event is a mini festival of and for young people living in Havering showcasing young talent focusing on youth performances, and featuring DJ Pebz who will play between intervals.


I am a up and coming female DJ, from East London with musical knowledge way beyond my years! I am 20 years young. Music is the key to happiness


Hanr is a 16 year old singer, songwriter & performer. She has performed her own songs; cover songs all over the UK & in many cities throughout Europe. She is an accomplished trained singer with a natural talent. Hanr’s recently released single, “Missing you”, a contemporary RnB song, is available now on all platforms.


LIT YOUTH are an amazing street dance crew who we have worked with in the past.  Their energy and enthusiasm is infectious 


From a young age His love for playing football got him noticed by various football scouts and landed him a place at West Ham football academy. A bad injury abruptly stopped that from continuing and a spell of bad company allowed him to get into trouble, which in turn made him homeless at 16. These turn of events lead to a meeting at a hostel with an up and coming rap drill artist called Max who forged a good friendship and music partnership that created his first music venture The Smokey Boys.
After a few years and a few released videos the 2 parted company and Boy Sayso became solo and is working on his debut album ‘African London’. Another turn of events led home to play a small part in The first film Blacks can’t swim but now plays one of the  leading roles in the 2nd edition Blacks Can’t Swim the Sequel’
HAD IT YET_ - Havering film project)

HAD IT YET? Film Documentary in the pandemic

This short film highlights some of the concerns and challenges that a community has faced living through a pandemic along with their thoughts on the vaccination.

With the increasing demand for an answers to how we can all remain safe in the current climate of COVID-19, and the need for clarity in regards to the vaccination requirements, we took to the streets of Havering to ask people in public how they experienced the various lockdowns and also to ask them what they thought about the vaccine.

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I have already had the vaccine
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definately would
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would not take
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