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Gratitude to the Jack Petchey Foundation: Empowering Young Lives in Limes Farm, Epping

A special acknowledgment to the Jack Petchey Foundation for their invaluable support, which has significantly enriched the experiences of young people in our Limes Farm project.

Their generous funding has played a role in enhancing our capabilities, allowing us to acquire essential equipment that amplifies the impact of our sessions.

The Jack Petchey Foundation’s commitment to empowering youth aligns seamlessly with our mission. With their support, we’ve been able to create an environment where young individuals not only discover their potential but are also equipped with the resources they need to thrive. The acquisition of new equipment has not only bolstered our sessions but has also provided a tangible representation of the Foundation’s dedication to investing in the future of our community.

Together, we stride towards a future where every young person in Limes Farm can realise their full potential and become leaders of positive change.

The Jack Petchey Foundation was set up to inspire and motivate young people across London and Essex by providing exciting projects and programmes for them to get involved in. We also recognise the outstanding achievements of today’s young people by awarding them for their hard work and positive impact in their community.

Awards to date

Recognition Award which enabled us to purchase more equipment, also help to cover the costs of food and refreshments at each session.

Leader Award, which was given to Simeon Dennis in recognition of his passion for helping the young people every week.

Our Young Person Award which was given to Tilly Austin, who decided to use the money to have a Halloween party and also to purchase more games.


Unity Hub Monthly Friday Night Sessions at Ninefields, Waltham Abbey

The Unity Hub is back at Ninefields from the 5th January and then each month thereafter.

The Unity Hub functions as a secure haven catering to the needs of young individuals and is conveniently situated on Ninefields Park.

Its central focus centres on involving young people in music, podcasting, and gaming, all aimed at fostering a robust sense of community among the youth. We also encourage sports, we found a game of football is always appreciated, there is also  table tennis and other activities such as arts or a game of chess.

In close partnership with Epping Forest District Council, Community Safety Team, the Unity Hub takes on the form of a mobile bus, extending an invitation for young individuals to step aboard.

Our primary objective is to establish a secure and welcoming space within the community, providing an opportunity for the community to unite and gain a deeper understanding of the youth and their requirements. Often, young people find themselves without guidance or suitable destinations, and UNITY HUB is dedicated to offering prospects and directing them to other engaging activities.

Our goal is to provide valuable direction and advice by pointing towards various activities within the local vicinity. Additionally, we extend assistance and guidance on topics that hold significance for both young individuals and parents.


Friday Night Unity Hub, Limes Farm, Essex

Youth Unity Hub every Friday night on Limes Farm Estate in the Community Centre from 6pm to 8pm – 10+ boys and girls

Youth Unity are working in partnership with Epping Forest district council to deliver wellbeing sessions at the Limes Farm Community Centre, Limes Ave Chigwell IG7 5LP, every Friday night from 6pm to 8pm.  Starting 27th January.

The multi-sport activities are available to both boys and girls aged 11 to 18 with the aim of engaging more youngsters with sport, whilst also building on life skills helping to improve confidence, self-esteem and ambition.

The sessions will include a number of different activities, including boxing, fitness, table tennis, and will be run by fully qualified sports coaches who are also mentors.

The fun, engaging and challenging sessions can be very rewarding for the youngsters, a chance for them to come to a safe space and make new friends.

There are also opportunities to volunteer. 

Our Halloween Night - food funded by Jack Petchy

How Many Live on Limes Farm



Active Essex – supporting our sports programs

Youth Unity are happy to celebrate that we have been awarded a sports grant which will help us to purchases equipment to run boxing, circuits and table tennis sessions on the Limes Farm Estate in Chigwell, Essex.

The activities will enable Youth Unity CIC to provide a safe space
for the local community helping to provide positive activities, improve mental health, create positive
relationships, reduce vulnerability, ASB and crime.

You can find our sessions on https://www.opensessions.io/#/home