Case Study: 8

CS8’s journey over the past several months has been nothing short of transformative. The initial referral stemmed from constant troubles at home and college, a manifestation of her lack of structure and positive guidance. The absence of these elements had pushed her towards a cycle of rebellion, resulting in a constant stream of challenges.

Since Youth Unity began mentoring CS8, he has witnessed a profound shift in her character and understanding of life. The introduction of targets and objectives, along with the necessity to adhere to them, created a framework for positive change.

Despite occasional hurdles due to her home environment, CS8 increasing independence and newfound sense of direction have propelled her towards a more positive and purposeful life.

The most significant change lies in CS8’s perception of herself—she now values herself, exudes confidence, and carries herself with a clear sense of purpose.

The journey hasn’t just focused on external achievements; it has contributed to stabilising her mental health, alleviating panic and anxiety.

As CS8 gains more independence, the positive momentum continues. With an apprenticeship secured for September and the anticipation of her first independent property, the future appears bright.

Additionally, actively seeking part-time work for valuable experience and having a dedicated gym space for frequent training, CS8 is evolving into a mature young lady who actively shapes her own destiny. Life has taken on new meaning for this remarkable individual.


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