Case Study: 7

CS7’s journey with our team over the last six months has been nothing short of remarkable. Initially referred to the YOS, CS7 was ensnared in the dangerous web of knife crime and theft, facing manipulation.

Despite grappling with a severe medical condition called Sickle Cell, which often left him fatigued and hospitalised for extended periods, CS7 persevered. The collaborative support provided by our team and his family has resulted in a positive shift, leading to his departure from a CIN plan and the cessation of working with YOS or social services.

What’s truly inspiring is the evident maturity in CS7’s decision-making process. Instead of succumbing to negative influences, he is actively steering towards a more positive lifestyle. With newfound determination, CS7 aspires to study law and dreams of attending university to achieve this goal.

This transformation is a testament to the impact of dedicated support and the resilience of an individual determined to forge a brighter future.


Youth Unity

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