Case Study: 6

This young person will be called CS6 throughout. Over the past nine months, CS6 was entangled in a series of street robberies and intent to supply situations. However, since our initial introduction, we embarked on a journey to explore various employment avenues and opportunities that could positively impact his lifestyle and ensure his safety. Together, we focused on obtaining a CSC card and other accreditations to enhance his education.

CS6 consistently attended scheduled appointments, showcasing a commitment to progress. The effort paid off, leading to successful completion of several exams.

Post my involvement with CS6, he continued on the path of self-improvement, now dedicated to obtaining different accreditations in construction.

This not only contributes significantly to his personal safety but also opens up a multitude of employment opportunities. CS6’s transformation is a testament to the power of guidance and determination in steering towards a safer and more promising life.


Youth Unity

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