Case Study: 5

This case study will be called child AA throughout.  When AA became a part of our program, law enforcement had already flagged the serious risks he posed to himself and others. Instances of violent confrontations with fellow young residents in the area had raised concerns about the harm he was facing and causing.

However, AA has undergone a significant transformation, actively working to manage and control his aggression. He has been receptive to the guidance provided, engaging in reflection on his behavior and its impact on himself and those around him. Adopting a proactive approach, AA now avoids triggering environments and is learning to weigh the consequences of his actions.

Remarkably, he has not been involved in any violent or volatile situations for the past six months. His progress is evident in core meetings, where he has moved from a rating of two to a range between four and five, attributed to his positive attitude and mindset in public spaces.

In recent months, AA has demonstrated maturity, consistently displaying politeness and respect in public settings. He is mindful of situations involving his mother, recognising the potential negative impact on his emotional well-being.

Equally noteworthy is A’s implementation of new coping mechanisms to navigate anxiety and anger.

Engaging in activities like fishing and practical pursuits, he redirects his focus toward positive outcomes.

Witnessing A’s development over the last six months has been truly gratifying. We anticipate and encourage the continuation of this positive trajectory, as Case One has the potential to become a valuable and constructive member of both his local and wider community.


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