Case Study: 4

Over the course of six months, Youth Unity’s SYV Mentor has worked closely with a young man who was entangled in criminal exploitation and deeply involved in gang activities.

Despite being in college, substance misuse had labeled him as PEX, casting a shadow over his potential.

Fast forward to today, and the transformation is remarkable. This young man has not only acknowledged the need for change but has actively taken steps towards it. He’s embraced a substance misuse course, fostering a newfound connection with his mother. Opening up about his struggles, he’s committed to breaking free from the habit of smoking cannabis.

The support from his mother has been a crucial anchor in this journey, creating a strong foundation for positive change. Now employed in removals and dedicatedly pursuing online studies to obtain his CSC card, he’s paving the way for a brighter future. The most inspiring part is the positive shift in his self-esteem and the rebuilding of a healthier relationship with his mother.

Cheers to this young man’s resilience, determination, and the promising path he’s forging ahead!


Youth Unity

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