Case Study: 3

Over the past five months, Youth Unity has had the privilege of working with a young man whose journey has now reached a satisfying conclusion. Initially released from a custodial sentence and facing uncertainty, he lacked a clear direction for his future.

Together, our SYV Mentor tackled each step of the process. From securing accommodation to crafting an impressive CV and job hunting, we left no stone unturned. Fast forward to today, and we are thrilled to share the success story. This young man, now settled in a new area with his partner, he has found employment in a warehouse.

But that’s not all—his passion for physical education is also thriving. He’s balancing his part time job and online work as a PE specialist, showcasing his dedication and resilience.

This closed case is a testament to the power of support, guidance, and hard work.

Here’s to the young man’s success and the promising chapters that lie ahead in his journey!


Youth Unity

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